The Other Story Behind the Matt Cassel Trade

Vincent JacksonCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

If you've been watching NFL Network or following my Free Agency Tracker, you have heard about the potential deal to shop Broncos QB Jay Cutler for former-Patriot-now-Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, which has been shot down.

According to NFL Network's Adam Schefter, the deal also involved the Detroit Lions and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Cutler would have ended up in Tampa, Cassel in Denver, and New England would have been compensated.

The Lions traded QB Jon Kitna to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for CB Anthony Henry.

"I know what they're trying to do," Cutler said angrily.  "Even though I love Denver and I'd love to remain a Bronco, I know how this business works. If they want me to play somewhere else, so be it."

Traditional thinking says that a new head coach will want to pick his own quarterback.

Josh McDaniels, named head coach by Denver in January, could have a decision to make, due to whispers in league circles that Cutler has plateaued after a red-hot start to 2008—in addition to his occasionally nonchalant attitude.

There are also two different versions of this story: the Broncos were responding to potential trade talks in addition to a rumor that Denver was serious about trading the 11th overall pick from the 2006 draft.

Again, this potential three-team trade was in the works, but from what I am hearing, the two quarterbacks are staying in their respective cities.