Kent State Fumble Return Video: Watch Andre Parker Race Towards Wrong End Zone

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2012

Kent State's Andre Parker scooped up a live football and took off sprinting towards the end zone. He made it 58 yards before defenders were finally able to drag him down.

Unfortunately for Parker, he was going the wrong way.

This boneheaded play kicks off the college football season with an epic blunder that may not be dethroned all season long. While his intentions were good, Parker won't ever live down this Jim Marshall moment.

Luckily for Kent State, Towson didn't let Parker take it all the way into the end zone. Two Towson defenders made an equally inexplicable move by laying a lick on him that kept him from running all the way into their end zone.

Kent State had already built up a comfortable 24-7 lead when the fumble occurred. Parker had an opportunity to deliver another dagger by jumping on the fumble, but he unintentionally did everything in his power to ensure Towson wouldn't pay for muffing the return.

Towson and Kent State's special teams coaches have their work cut out for them. It will be an uncomfortable film session for both squads, as neither of them appeared to know what was going on during this play.

While directional skills are clearly not Parker's forte, this will undoubtedly serve as motivation for the young man all season long, as he begins his quest to redeem himself from this moment.