Boise State Football: Broncos Will Continue to Surprise Doubters

Allan Brulett@@AlanBrouiletteCorrespondent IIAugust 30, 2012

Aug 18, 2012; Boise, ID, USA; Boise State Broncos quarterback Joe Southwick (16) during the fall scrimmage at Bronco Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE
Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Memo To Everybody From Boise State: Stop being surprised.

We have heard your arguments to dismiss our success.

"It was just Kellen Moore."  

"It was a perfect storm of talent and timing."

"It's just the complex offense."  (You can almost hear the sneering word "gimmick" in there from the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust crowd, can't you?)

"It's unsustainable."

"All their best guys have graduated."  

Passing leader Kellen Moore, rushing leader Doug Martin, and receiving leader Tyler Shoemaker are gone, true.  

We have heard your arguments, and we have rejected them.

We have been pretty good for a lot longer than the last couple years.  

We are 73-6 over the last six seasons.

We are the highest scoring team in football (41.95 points per game) since 2000.

We joined Division I in 1996 and won the Big West title twice and the WAC title four times before 2006.

We have, since 2006, won four more WAC titles, had two undefeated seasons, three undefeated regular seasons and two BCS berths.

We have a lot of faith in new starting QB Joe Southwick and new starting RB D.J. Harper.  We know our receiving corps has game.

And sure, we have a lot of new faces on defense, but the doubters' beloved "traditional powerhouses" replace departed players all the time, and yet somehow our haters don't act like those schools are flukes.  Maybe if Idaho was on the East Coast we'd get some love.

We are, not to put too fine a point on it, pretty good.

And yet the general perception is that we are a "Cinderella" team.


We have a record of excellence going back more than a decade.

Cinderella had one good night. 

It's time to drop the word "Cinderella" from descriptions of Boise State.  Like Kellen Moore, Doug Martin and Tyler Shoemaker, Boise State has graduated to the next stage.  We're ready to be a "Perennial Contender," not a "Cinderella."

But if you want to keep doubting us, that's fine.  

You keep believing in your "traditional powerhouses."

We'll keep proving you wrong.


Boise State

(No. 24 in the preseason poll)