Former OC Josh McDaniels Targeting Patriots Players?

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

Josh McDaniels, who is now the head coach for the Denver Broncos, seems to be targeting ex-Patriots.

First, the Broncos signed Jabar Gaffney, then the Patriots' long-time, long snapper Lonie Paxton.

Could this be a trend, and how will the Patriots organization take it?

"I loved New England and being a Patriot," said Gaffney. "The fans up there are great, and it's just a great place to be.

"I'll always have love for New England, but the unfortunate part of the NFL is that it's a business and I had to go; it was too good of an opportunity for me and my family to pass up."

Hopefully, no more free-agent Patriots will head over to Denver.