NBA 2K13: 6 Player Ratings That Should Be Changed

Sam CooperCorrespondent IIISeptember 3, 2012

NBA 2K13: 6 Player Ratings That Should Be Changed

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    NBA 2K13 the video game will be released on October 2nd, and 2K Sports has been slowly releasing three player ratings at a time in order to tide the fans over during the wait. The video game has been highly successful in years past as a fun game for both casual and diehard NBA fans, and there is no doubt that the game will have yet another successful year with new features and improvements. Still, just as with every season, there are player ratings that seem unjust. Some players are simply overrated or underestimated. 

    Although 2K Sports has only released information about 20 NBA players, there are already six player ratings that should be different. 

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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    Rating: 78

    For MKG, a 78 rating may come as a bit of a disappointment. In a recent interview, Gilchrist predicted he would be an 85 overall in the video game. Still, most others realize that a 78 is more of an exaggeration than a let down for the rookie.

    Gilchrist could still end up having a very successful season with the Bobcats. His biggest strength is in his ability to play lock down defense, alter shots and get steals and blocks that transition into fastbreak points. He'll also be able to occasionally get to the rim, rebound, and above all, he's the type of guy that will give 110% night in and night out.

    But all that still doesn't deserve a 78 rating. He is the kind of hustle or energy player that brings a lot of intangibles to the game that can't be summed up into a 2K player rating. He  isn't a particularly good shooter either, and even if the opportunities are there, don't expect him to explode for 20 points a game in Charlotte. His skill set just won't allow him to do it.

    So because of that, it's a little puzzling that he has a higher rating than Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker or any other rookie had last season. A 78 overall implies that Gilchrist will be a future franchise cornerstone for the Bobcats, but that's really debatable at this point. 

    Proposed New Rating: 75

Carmelo Anthony

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    Rating: 92

    Carmelo Anthony surprisingly took a leap this year from a 91 overall to a 92. That isn't much of a jump, but the fact that there was a jump at all is confusing.

    Last season, Anthony scored 22.6 points a game for the Knicks, leading them to the playoffs, but losing in the first round. During the season, his field goal percentage dropped, his three point percentage dropped, his points scored dropped, he was a ballhog and constantly caused the team losses through incessant isolation plays, he failed to lead the team to the second round of the playoffs, and he can be at least partially blamed for running former superstar forward Amar'e Stoudemire into the ground. After all, Stoudemire may not have been in the best shape of his life, but shooting an almost career low shots per game would have something to do with his production dropping. 

    With all that working against him, it seems ridiculous that Anthony's player rating is a 92. Is it because of his scoring for team USA in the Olympics? Because generally, a 92 should be given to a player who is a leader for his team, and who not only benefits from his teammates, but whose teammates benefit from him. Carmelo Anthony is not that type of player. 

    Proposed New Rating: 87

Andre Iguodala

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    Rating: 87

    Iguodala will be sharing his new 87 overall player rating with the Nuggets in NBA 2K13, and Nuggets fans should be happy too, because that's far higher than what he actually deserves. 

    Iguodala was an 85 overall a couple season ago in NBA 2K11, and that was coming off a season in which he had posted numbers of 17 points, six rebounds and six assists a game. And now he's somehow an 87. Even though last season he scored just 12.4 points a game.

    Iggy is still a good player. He's a decent play maker, a decent rebounder at his position, and he does play great defense. But defense is only half of the game. He's never been a particularly good shooter or scorer, and even with good defense, a guy who scored 12 points a game on a team with no go-to scorer does not deserve an 87 rating. 

    Proposed New Rating: 84

Monta Ellis

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    Rating: 86

    Why, if I didn't know any better I'd think that the creators of NBA 2K13 just inflated every player's rating. After all, Ellis was an 83 in 2K12 coming off a season in which he scored 24 points a game. And after he shot worse from the field, scored just 20 points a game and his steals numbers dropped, he's given an 86 in this year's game.

    It gets even worse if you look at how bad Ellis was after he was traded to the Bucks. In 21 games in Milwaukee, he scored 17.6 points a game on 43 percent shooting from the field and 27 percent shooting from three point range. Those numbers don't nearly resemble what Ellis has done in his years with the Warriors. It could be a fluke, but those numbers could be a sign that Ellis' production is going to drop, in which case an 86 is a really poor rating.

    Proposed New Rating: 82 

Kevin Love

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    Rating: 89

    Love has been absolutely robbed by 2K for 2 seasons in a row, and this year may make a third. He was rated a 74 in 2K11 and reacted by posting 20 points and 15 rebounds a game. Then, he was given just an 81 overall rating last season and posted an average of 26 points and 13 rebounds a game.

    Now, despite those great numbers, Love is just an 89 overall. It's true that he doesn't play great defense, but he can score down low, he's one of the best three point shooting big men in the game, is quite possibly the most talented rebounder in the game and the fact that he can score 26 points a game is extremely impressive, be it on the T-wolves or not. He makes a great team with Ricky Rubio and has evolved into a superstar for Minnesota. Maybe this year he can even finally lead the team to the playoffs.

    Love has been a great player for his whole career now, and it's time he finally gets a rating he deserves. With the numbers he put up last season, his player rating should at least crack the 90's. 

    Proposed New Rating: 91

Blake Griffin

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    Rating: 87

    Blake Griffin has to be one of the most overrated players in the NBA. Most people evaluate him through his dunks, which is a completely unjust method of rating him, especially now that he has Chris Paul feeding him the ball all the time. Griffin put up 21 points and 11 rebounds a game last season, but the stats make him seem a lot better than he is.

    In all honesty, athleticism is about all that Griffin has. He plays below average defense for a big man, he has a horrible mid-range game and can't hit a shot outside of ten feet from the basket. His only offense comes from dunks, pick and rolls and a few post moves, and defense is a whole half of the game that he doesn't put much effort into. 

    Simply put, it seems ridiculous that Griffin is just two points lower than Kevin Love.

    Proposed New Rating: 84