More Random Sports Hotties: Where Are They Now?

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterAugust 30, 2012

More Random Sports Hotties: Where Are They Now?

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    Sports stardom, just like movie or television stardom, is temporary for most people. Often what's here today is gone tomorrow, replaced by someone newer and shinier and, of course, younger. 

    But it's not like these ladies cease to be just because you aren't doing late night Google image searches of them anymore. Plenty go on to have equally successful careers, often still in the spotlight, even when they are no longer gracing the pages of Maxim. 

    So let's take a look at some sports hotties and see where they were then and what they're up to now. 

Then: Alicia Sacramone

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    Alicia Sacramone is an American gymnast who has been on the women's national team most years since 2002. She was part of the team that won silver at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 

    Sacramone, along with teammates Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson, became three of the standout stars of the 2008 Olympics and went on to become the first three athletes to be signed as CoverGirl models. 

Now: Alicia Sacramone

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    Like Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone failed to make the American Olympic team in 2012. We didn't get to see her compete in London, but at least we got to see her appear sans-clothes on the balance beam in ESPN The Magazine's annual Body Issue in 2011. 

    Sacramone is also a well-known WAG these days, having been dating NFL career backup quarterback Brady Quinn of the Kansas City Chiefs

Then: Ines Sainz

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    Mexican sports reporter/model Ines Sainz made international headlines in 2010 when it was reported that she was being subjected to catcalls and other lewd behavior in the Jets locker room. 

    After the incident Sainz found herself in the uncomfortable center of the ensuing debate about female reporters in men's locker rooms. 

Now: Ines Sainz

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    Today Ines Sainz is still doing her thing, and she actually hasn't missed a beat. She's been a sports reporter in her native Mexico since 2004 and was on hand to cover the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. 

    Sainz lives with her husband in Mexico and the pair own a production company, which has created a number of popular Spanish language shows.

Then: Anna Benson

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    Anna Benson was the stripper-turned-baseball wife of mediocre MLB pitcher Kris Benson. Anna attracted more attention than her husband while he was pitching for the Pirates, but it wasn't until they went to New York that things got real. Like really real. 

    Anna famously revealed her special way to keep her husband faithful in a world wrought with temptations: Threatening to sleep with all of his Mets teammates. Her countless steamy photo shoots around the time left no question that she was dead serious. 

Now: Anna Benson

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    Today Anna Benson isn't exactly the seductive sex pot she once was. Her starring turn in VH1's reality train wreck Baseball Wives revealed a much larger and louder Anna than most remembered. Although…she's still just as crazy. 

    Most notably is the fact that she's not going to be Mrs. Benson for much longer; Kris filed for divorce in July 2012. He must have tuned into a few episodes of Baseball Wives… ::shudder:: 

Then: Kendra Wilkinson

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    In 2006 Kendra Wilkinson was a sultry Playboy Playmate who was in the middle of her four-year relationship with the extremely aged founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. Ew. 

    Kendra was definitely the ditziest and downright dumbest of Hefner's collection of blondes. But she was also the most entertaining of E!'s The Girls Next Door and the most likely to do something insane at any given moment.

Now: Kendra Wilkinson

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    Today Kendra Wilkinson is no longer sharing a bed and having naked time with a 90-year-old man. But who would have thought that would make things so much more dull than they once were?

    Kendra is an old married lady, her husband is failed NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, and the couple have one child. Kendra parted ways with E! and her spinoff reality show Kendra in 2011 and is now starring in Kendra on Top, a reality show for WE Tv. 

Then: Ashley Judd

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    Actress Ashley Judd was a pretty big deal in the '90s, particularly later in the decade. She starred in a number of hit movies from 1996-1999. Actually, 1999 was a pretty good year overall for Judd because it was the same year she got engaged to Dario Franchitti, a race car driver. 

    The couple were married in December 2001, which was probably about the last time Judd starred in anything you've ever heard of. 

Now: Ashley Judd

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    In terms of acting and modeling, Judd pretty much dropped off the planet a decade ago. She works occasionally in terrible movies or short-lived television series, but she just hasn't been able to find any footing since her peak. 

    Judd actually focuses more on sports and is often spotted in the stands at University of Kentucky basketball and at races cheering on her husband. In 2007 Judd had some harsh words for driver Milka Duno, insisting she should be taken off the track because people's "lives are at stake."

Then: Summer Sanders

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    Summer Sanders competed on the U.S. women's national swimming team at the 1993 Olympics in Barcelona, where she became one of the standout stars of the games. 

    Sanders won an impressive four medals in Barcelona: gold in the 200m butterfly, gold in the 4x100m medley, silver in the 200m medley and bronco in the 400m medley. 

Now: Summer Sanders

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    Summer temporarily retired after the Barcelona Olympics, but retired for good in 1996 after she failed to qualify for the Olympics in Atlanta. She went on to host countless spots themed programs, including FOX's epically ridiculous Skating With Celebrities in 2006.

    More recently Summer served as a correspondent for NBA during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and she participated in the third season of the Donald Trump freakshow known as the Celebrity Apprentice. In 2012 she participated on the Food Network's Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. 

Then: Jennie Finch

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    Back in 2005, beautiful blonde girl next door Jennie Finch did what was deemed nearly impossible before: She made women's softball sexy. Finch first turned heads as the pitcher of the U.S. women's national softball team that won gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. 

    After the Olympics Finch was featured in the 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and went on to win silver at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She retired shortly thereafter. 

Now: Jennie Finch

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    Today Jennie Finch is just your average stay at home mom, raising a couple of boys and keeping house for husband Casey Daigle, a minor league pitcher. Obviously, I'm just kidding! Homegirl might be doing the mom thing, but she hasn't exactly been going it at the expense of her own health. 

    Jennie has written a book about her experience as a life-long athlete, and she has become a passionate advocate for leading a healthy life and passing those lessons on to children. 

Then: Oksana Baiul

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    In 1994, Ukrainian figure skater Oksana Baiul upset the American favorite Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympics in Lillehammer. Kerrigan was coming off the infamous Tonya Harding incident, but was still favored to win gold, particularly over the 15-year-old blonde beauty. 

    Baiul's career essentially ended after winning gold in Lillehammer. A number of health issues and physical ailments plagued her and her decision to return to the ice before properly recovering doomed her career. 

Now: Oksana Baiul

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    After her retirement from skating, Oksana moved to the United States, where she remains to this day. She is involved with various skating charities that focus on youth skating, some of which are in the U.S. and others in her native Ukraine. 

    Oksana has been a regular at New York Fashion Week in recent years and has appeared on a number of reality shows, including: Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown and ABC's Master of Champions. She also did promotional work for the Will Ferrell homoerotic skating spectacle Blades of Glory.

Then: Picabo Street

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    Thanks to her oddly memorable (and self-given) name, Picabo Street remains one of the most famous American alpine skiers of a generation. Although, her two Olympic medals probably having something to do with her enduring fame. 

    Street won silver in the Downhill at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer and gold at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano in the Super G. She retired after Nagano and was inducted ion the National Ski Hall of Fame in 2004. 

Now: Picabo Street

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    Today Picabo makes the occasional appearance on reality television and still finds work as a spokeswoman for various products. She appeared on the hilarious buff American Gladiators as well as Celebrity Paranormal Project. 

    Picabo is currently starring in the NBC celeb reality competition Stars Earn Stripes and a movie reportedly filmed in Argentina in 2010—that according to the always reliable Wikipedia

Then: Stacy Keibler

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    The stunning Stacy Keibler was WWE's most delicious Diva from 2001 through 2006. Prior to her stint with WWE, Keibler actually got her start in wrestling as one of WCW's Nitro Girls. 

    She left the WWE in 2006 and immediately signed on to star in Season 2 of ABC's Dancing With the Stars, where she placed third. 

Now: Stacy Keibler

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    Keibler has gone on to a very successful modeling career and has appeared in pretty much every men's magazine out there, including: Maxim, Esquire, FHM and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She's also had some marginal success in her acting career, having landing guest spots on How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Psych, and Blue Mountain State in recent years. 

    But Keibler is best known today as the lady friend of mega movie star George Clooney, perhaps the world's most eligible, marriage adverse, bachelor. The pair began dating in July 2011 and all indications are that they are still together. They're often spotted traveling abroad together. 

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