Chiefs Get Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel for Second Round Pick

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

The Chiefs have confirmed that Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel will be heading to Kansas City. The deal was Vrabel and Cassel for the Chiefs' second-round pick (No. 34).

This is big news considering Cassel had a lot of speculation surrounding him about where he would go and win. This deal saves the Patriots $14 million in salary and they get an early second-round pick.


This deal seems to be better from the Chiefs' standpoint. They get Matt Cassel, who will bring leadership and talent into a quarterback corps that has been lacking it. He will most likely end up as the starter.

The Chiefs also receive veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel, who will provide leadership to a young defense.

The Patriots' early second-round pick could help pick up a new linebacker, cornerback, or receiver.

All in all, this deal worked for both teams. The Chiefs did get out slightly better.