Is The Sun Finally Rising for The Suns?

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2008

Since the Suns made the biggest move in its franchise history and traded one of the organizations all time best players in Shawn Marion for an aging Shaq before the trade deadline its been an up and down climb for the Phoenix Suns but a recent 3 game winning streak might be a sign that the Suns have finally figured things out and are finally ready for that push to the NBA Finals.

Shaq himself even made it known that it would take time for him to become fully acquainted with his new team and it did take about 4 or 5 games extra from how long was originally projected but it appears to me that the Suns have finally figured out how to play with Shaq.

If anything is proof its the way that the Suns can adjust from a fast pace team to a half court team much like they did against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday Night.

Shaq may have only played 14 minutes due to foul trouble but the Suns were able to adjust during the time when he was on the court and were able to control a slow pace game and the second Shaq left the Suns were able to transition themselves back to the fast paced team everybody has known them to be.

The biggest piece of the puzzle for the Suns that might be the key to a finals run is Boris Diaw.

 In games that Diaw decides to show up the Suns are almost unstoppable, but some games it just seems like Diaw is going through the motions.

If the Suns want to make that NBA Finals run that has seemed to be 3 years in the making now, this is the time to do it.

While Shaq seems energized he is in his mid 30's and on the downturn of his career. Now is the time to see if the Diesel will back up his words and bring the Suns organization and all the fans in Arizona a NBA Championship.