Hard Knocks: Finale Will Feature Minor Miami Dolphins Plane Crash

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Hard Knocks: Finale Will Feature Minor Miami Dolphins Plane Crash
Photo Credit: PickTainment

The Miami Dolphins' season of Hard Knocks hasn't been a complete and total wreck, but it will feature a small plane crash on the final episode. 

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports (via ChicagoTribune.com) the plane carrying the Miami Dolphins backed into another plane as they were preparing to depart Dallas on Wedneday night.

The Dolphins' team plane carrying players and coaches back to South Florida after their loss to the Dallas Cowboys backed into another plane on the runway.

According to the FAA, the the Dolphins charter, an American Airlines jet, was pushed back into another parked American Airlines plane in a cargo area of the airport used for sports charters.

That is one expensive fender bender. 

Photo Credit: Jared Odrick Instagram (via Sun Sentinel)

The good news is there were no injuries. In fact, the only real issue is that the flight was delayed for about three hours, which provided us with tweets like this from Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline.

Here's another from Jared Odrick.


We very well could see footage from this tiresome delay, featuring all your favorite characters from this season's Hard Knocks

Well—not all.

Chad Johnson, Les Brown and Vontae Davis are all gone, but you get what I mean. Hard Knocks was on the delayed flight, which should bring us an answer to the greatest question of all time. 

What does a frustrated traveler really look like?

Dolphins broadcaster Joe Rose offered this about the plane crash:

"It rocked the entire plane. It was totally crazy. I just couldn't believe it."

Per the Sun-Sentinel (via ChiagoTribune.com), he also made sure to give us the best news of all:

"Rose also said HBO's 'Hard Knocks' crew was on board and began filming the incident for the final episode, set to air next Tuesday."

Photo Credit: Who got the role

The plane finally left Dallas at 4 a.m., which means the filmed segment is no doubt filled with annoying grunts and passed out athletes hoping to sleep in the tiniest of seats. 

The Miami Dolphins haven't had the best preseason of all time. They axed Chad Johnson, had to cut fan-favorite Les Brown and traded away a shocked Vontae Davis. 

Oh, and the team's initial starting quarterback, David Garrard, went down with injury.

Now you can add a plane crash to a list of things we should have seen coming. 

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