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One Thing Every NFL Team Should Celebrate After Week 2

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIJanuary 11, 2017

One Thing Every NFL Team Should Celebrate After Week 2

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    It may be hard for every NFL team to celebrate something that happened in Week 2 (I'm especially looking at you New England Patriots), but the reality is that it's only the second week of the NFL season. 

    There will be plenty of time for teams to rebound from losses, injuries and straight-up horrible performances (once again I'm looking at you New England). Here is one thing that every NFL should be celebrating after Week 2.

Chicago Bears

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Jay Cutler is Still Alive

    Jay Cutler and Clay Mathews spent more time on the ground together on Thursday night than a newlywed couple on their honeymoon.

    After Cutler was sacked seven times against the Green Bay Packers, the only thing the Chicago Bears should be celebrating about is the fact that their franchise quarterback is still breathing.

Green Bay Packers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Clay Matthews is on Pace to Record 48 Sacks

    After only recording six sacks all of last season, Matthews has that many through the first two weeks of the 2012 season.

    He completely dominated the Chicago Bears in every facet of the game for the Green Bay Packers in Week 2. He is now on pace to record 48 sacks this season which I believe would break some records.

    He won't hit that mark, but the fact that he is on pace for that many sacks should send the Packers into quite the celebration this week.

Oakland Raiders

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Sebastian Janikowski is Still on the Roster

    There really isn't much to celebrate if you're the Oakland Raiders, but at least they still have the best kicker on the planet in Janikowski.

    It's time to start enjoying the really little things, Raiders.

Miami Dolphins

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Reggie Bush Looks Really, Really Good

    Through the first two weeks of the NFL season only C.J. Spiller has more rushing yards than Reggie Bush. His 241 yards yards puts him on pace to break 1,000 yards midway through his eighth game this season.

    If he keeps on this pace, he'll finish the season with 1,928 rushing yards. More importantly, if Bush continues to run at this pace the Miami Dolphins will be an extremely difficult team to beat.

Houston Texans

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: J.J. Watt is an Early Defensive Player of the Year Candidate

    Few, if any, defenses have been as dominant as the Houston Texans' unit and a big reason has been the outstanding play of Watt.

    In the first two weeks, Watt has already recorded eight tackles, three sacks and five passes defended. He also had a fumble recovery this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Without him, the Texans would still have a quality defense, but with him Houston's defense looks ready to carry them to the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Bryan Anger

    I'm sorry, Jacksonville Jaguars fans, but there really isn't anything to celebrate this week other than the play of your third-round pick punter.

    He punted nine times on Sunday with an average of 51.3 yards per punt. With the offense in Jacksonville only gaining 117 yards, Anger is looking more and more like a genius pick for the Jaguars.

Cleveland Browns

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Scoring 27 Points

    After looking absolutely terrible in a 17-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1, everyone had the Cleveland Browns pegged with the worst offense in the league.

    However, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson and Co. put it all together against the Cincinnati Bengals this week. They gained over 400 yards of total offense and both Richardson and Weeden looked great.

    The Browns aren't going to be a threat to make the playoffs this year, but there is definitely reason for celebration with how their offense improved from Week 1 to Week 2.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: The Receiving Corps Looks Great

    It's no longer just A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham and a bunch of other receivers for the Cincinnati Bengals.

    On Sunday, Brandon Tate and Andrew Hawkins combined for 127 receiving yards and two touchdowns. With Andy Dalton looking better and more confident in his arm each week, the Bengals might have the best offense in the AFC North with their improved receiving corps.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Dwayne Bowe Got His Touches

    After only three receptions for 53 yards in a 16-point loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs needed to do a better job of getting their best receiving weapon involved in their offense.

    While the Chiefs still got crushed by the Buffalo Bills in Week 2, Bowe had a much better game with eight receptions for 102 yards and two touchdowns. Despite their defense playing awful football, the Chiefs still need to celebrate the fact that Bowe is getting involved in the offense.

Buffalo Bills

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Fred Jackson Who?

    Has any player ever seized an opportunity quite like C.J. Spiller has through the first two weeks of the season?

    Not only does Spiller lead the NFL in rushing yards with 292 through two games, but he has done it on only 29 carries. That gives him an average of 10.1 yards per carry, which is simply ridiculous.

    As enjoyable as Jackson is to watch, I can't imagine the Buffalo Bills taking away carries from Spiller once Jackson returns from injury.

Baltimore Ravens

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Dennis Pitta Continues To Dazzle

    After having a breakout performance in Week 1 with 73 yards and a touchdown, Pitta continued to play well Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. While he failed to get in the end zone and only had 65 yards, he did have eight receptions and was targeted more than any other receiver on the roster.

    The Baltimore Ravens ultimately need Joe Flacco to play better, but with a new weapon like Pitta that is definitely a possibility.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: They Are 2-0

    The Philadelphia Eagles have had two comeback wins and overcome six interceptions from Michael Vick to start the season with a 2-0 record.

    If that isn't something for the citizens in Philadelphia to celebrate about, then there is nothing that can make that group of individuals happy.

Minnesota Vikings

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Christian Ponder Looks Like a Franchise Quarterback

    After a rough rookie season, Ponder has come back looking like quite the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

    He's completed nearly 76 percent of his passes without throwing a single interception. Yes, the Vikings lost this week to the Indianapolis Colts, but at least Ponder has looked every part the franchise quarterback for the team.

    With a few more pieces, this will be a very competitive unit for years to come.

Indianapolis Colts

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: The First Win of the Luck Era

    It was a beautiful day for the Indianapolis Colts. With Peyton Manning winning things with the Denver Broncos, the Colts could have potentially many things to be somber about.

    However, Andrew Luck proved a capable replacement to Manning with his first-ever comeback win against the Minnesota Vikings. Don't worry Colts' fans, this Luck guy is going to get you many, many more wins in the very near future.

Arizona Cardinals

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: You Beat the New England Patriots

    Throw a party Arizona. You miraculously beat one of the best teams in the NFL.

    Let's consider the 16th of September a national holiday from this day forth.

New England Patriots

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Ummmm....

    There will be no celebrating in New England this week.

    Let's move on.

New Orleans Saints

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: It Can't Get Any Worse Than This

    OK, I guess it could get worse, but if the New Orleans Saints lose to the Kansas City Chiefs next week they might as well throw in the towel for the season.

    However, the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim, so New Orleans needs to celebrate that 0-2 is the lowest point of its season.

Carolina Panthers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Cam Newton Looked Like Cam Newton

    With 253 passing yards on only 20 attempts to go along with 71 rushing yards, Newton appears to have taken those strides that he needed to in order to become a truly elite quarterback.

    He was efficient in his victory by completing 70 percent of his passes without an interception. The NFC South appears to be a wide-open division, so as long as Newton continues to play like he did in Week 2 the Panthers have a chance to surprise some people.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: You Showed Perseverance in Your Loss

    Even though you were up by two touchdowns in the third quarter and eventually lost that lead with just under four minutes, you still showed great perseverance in your loss to the New York Giants.

    The way that Josh Freeman and Co. tied the game with under two minutes remaining proved how much potential that this team has. The game-tying touchdown pass from Freeman to Mike Williams was simply a thing of beauty.

    This team might not have won on Sunday, but at least it showed the ability to overcome difficulties to keep games close. 

New York Giants

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: 500 Yards From Eli Manning

    Let's just let those 500 passing yards sink in for a second. 

    If this wasn't the most impressive performance of Week 2 then I don't know what was. 

Washington Redskins

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Alfred Morris is Thriving 

    Few running backs have been able to thrive in Mike Shanahan's offense, but through two games Morris has done a good job.

    On the season Morris has rushed for 185 yards and two touchdowns, which is much better than anyone would have expected. If Morris can continue to get the majority of carries in this offense, he has an outside chance of winning Offensive Rookie of the Year this year.

St. Louis Rams

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Sam Bradford is Back

    After the 2011 season no one really knew what to expect from Bradford heading into the 2012 season.

    However, after two games, 508 yards and four touchdowns, Bradford is officially back. He'll need to continue to keep this high level of play if the St. Louis Rams want to be competitive in the NFC West this year.

    Through two games Bradford certainly looks like he is ready to make a run at being one of the better quarterbacks in the league and that should thrill the Rams.

Dallas Cowboys

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Sean Lee is Playing Great Football

    After losing to the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 27-7, the Dallas Cowboys won't be doing any celebrating this week I can guarantee.

    However, if there is one thing they can celebrate about it is the type of football that Lee is playing. His 14 tackles on Sunday led the team and his 26 total tackles are nearly 10 more than any other player on the roster. 

    The Cowboys desperately need to rebound after their terrible loss in Week 2, but at least Lee is looking like a legitimate leader on this defense.

Seattle Seahawks

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Offseason Issues Haven't Slowed Down Marshawn Lynch

    Lynch was able to rush for 122 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries against the Dallas Cowboys. He proved that he is still the focal point of the Seattle Seahawks' offense despite a rough offseason for Lynch.

    The NFC West is turning into one of the best divisions and football, and as long as Lynch continues to put up stellar performances like he did on Sunday, the Seahawks will be in the thick of the playoff race.

Tennessee Titans

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Jake Locker Didn't Get Sacked in Week 2

    Yes, Chris Johnson only rushed for 17 yards and the team lost by four touchdowns, but at least the Tennessee Titans can feel good about not giving up a sack to the San Diego Chargers.

    It isn't much, but it is at least enough to keep this team going for another week.

San Diego Chargers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: You're 2-0 and Ryan Mathews Still Hasn't Played a Snap

    Sure, those wins only came against the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders, but wins are wins in the NFL. 

    What should give the San Diego Chargers' a reason to celebrate is the fact that their offense has looked extremely good without their No. 1 running back. Once Mathews returns from his injury this team has the potential of being a major threat in the AFC.

New York Jets

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Tim Tebow Will Be Starting Soon

    If Mark Sanchez has another performance like he did in Week 2, it won't be long before the fans in New York are screaming for Tebow to take over starting duties.

    Once that happens, the Jets will play mediocre football, but still make the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Even though they won't win a playoff game they'll still crown Tebow as the next coming of Joe Namath.

    Rejoice in the Tebow, New York. Rejoice until he gets traded in the offseason.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: You Only Gave Up Three Sacks

    After getting sacked five times in their Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos, the Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive line came up big in a huge way against a great defense in the New York Jets.

    The biggest issue in Pittsburgh this year is going to be the offensive line, so the fact that it played well against a good defense is a great sign for the future. As long as Ben Roethlisberger can stay upright, the Steelers should have no issues with making the playoffs.

Detroit Lions

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: You Gained Nearly 300 Yards of Total Offense

    Against any other team that wouldn't have been impressive, but the fact that the Detroit Lions almost did that against the San Francisco 49ers is something to celebrate.

    While they didn't win the game, the fact that they put up nearly 300 yards against such a dominant defense means they'll have no trouble putting up 500-plus yards against any other defense in the league.

San Francisco 49ers

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Alex Smith Continues to Dominate

    Ask anyone what the weakest link heading in the 2012 season for the San Francisco 49ers was and 99 percent of the answers would be their quarterback.

    However, Smith has not only proven to be a competent quarterback, but he is already looking like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He's taken the step from simply being a game manager to legitimately winning games for his team and that is huge for San Francisco.

    As long as Smith continues to play at this level the 49ers will have no difficulties getting back to the NFC Championship game this year. 

Denver Broncos

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: Willis McGahee is Back

    After struggling through tough times, McGahee had a huge game in Week 2 for the Denver Broncos.

    With Peyton Manning struggling to move the ball through the air, McGahee rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns in the Broncos loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. He averaged over five yards per carry and consistently made huge plays when the Broncos needed him to.

    Denver is still going to need to run their offense through Manning if they want to succeed this year, but having McGahee back will definitely be a big help to this team.

Atlanta Falcons

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    One Thing They Should Celebrate: So Many Weapons

    One week it is Julio Jones. The next week it is Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.

    The Atlanta Falcons are blessed with so many weapons on offense that it isn't even fair for opposing defenses. Look for this team to continue to be one of the better offensive teams in the league.

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