WWE: Was Brock Lesnar's Return a Waste of Time?

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Brock Lesnar is a big focus so far this year in the WWE. He’s headlined pay-per-views and sold a ton of merchandise, and he's even been discussed as a possible opponent for The Undertaker.

But after disappearing for a while after his Extreme Rules match with John Cena, and now apparently leaving the WWE after beating Triple H, has Lesnar's return been a waste of time?

Lesnar does help the WWE increase the value of their pay-per-views, but so much time is spent hyping up his matches, only to have him leave the next night on Raw.  After focusing on his matches for both Extreme Rules and SummerSlam, when Lesnar "left" after both pay-per-views, any momentum he had as a monster heel was lost.

When Paul Heyman proclaimed Lesnar as the new King of Kings after beating Triple H, the WWE Universe seemed to be at Lesnar's will. However, Lesnar would send out a tout stating how he was leaving the WWE.  He was set up as a monster heel and derailed all in one night.

Lesnar's return has had some benefits—but in the end it, might be just a waste of time.



Without a doubt, Lesnar's return has been extremely valuable when looking at the short-term value.  The month before a pay-per-view, and the two pay-per-views themselves, have been even better thanks to his presence. 

The matches themselves were solid, helping John Cena get over a little with the WWE Universe by losing to him at Extreme Rules and proving he can outplay The Game at SummerSlam.  Lesnar coming back has been beneficial so far looking at just his short-term involvement.

His Limited schedule allows him to perform in the bigger pay-per-views and is a win-win for both the WWE and the fans. 

Who wouldn't want Lesnar to face off against the top guys again?



Lesnar's return seems to be a waste when looking at the long-term picture.  How many times can Lesnar dominate, only to leave the WWE again?

His matches might draw bigger attention, but when he leaves the next night on Raw, all the hype behind his matches seems like it was for nothing.

Lesnar isn't sticking around, but the WWE still wants to use him to his full, monster heel potential.  The problem with this, though, is how much time is put into making Lesnar a heel, only for him leave after one of his big pay-per-view matches.

He can't effectively become a heel, because once he leaves, any damage that he did to the WWE goes with him.  Not to mention that when he returns, he gets a big reaction from the crowd, regardless of whether he was supposed to be a heel or not.


Move Forward, Not Backward

Having Lesnar come back for a couple of matches was great.  He was fantastic in the ring when he was a full-timer, and it's always fun to see veterans return for a couple of big matches.

At the same time, though, Lesnar's return takes up the spotlight that another full-time wrestler could have used.

The WWE needs to move forward, not spend so much time on wrestlers who already had their moment.

If the WWE was looking for a monster heel, why not try to turn one of their many wrestlers into one?  Brock Lesnar may already be established, but what will happen when he leaves?  More than likely, there will be a void that the WWE will have a hard time filling.

Yes, it's great to watch Lesnar come back and be the spotlight for some of the WWE's pay-per-views.  He is, however, taking that spotlight away from other, full-time wrestlers.

The WWE could still use Lesnar to give other wrestlers a push.  It did help with John Cena at Extreme Rules, so why not do it with some of the other wrestlers on the roster as well?

Lesnar will eventually leave, but before he goes, giving several wrestlers a push would make Lesnar's returning worth it.


In The End, It's Up To The Fans

Is Brock Lesnar's return really a waste of time?  In the end, that decision is up to the fans.  If Lesnar's return didn't pan out like the WWE wanted it to, they more than likely wouldn't have bothered making Lesnar the spotlight of a pay-per-view like SummerSlam.

The fans are the ones who buy the pay-per-views and the merchandise.  Clearly, majority of fans want to see Lesnar, so it's hard to imagine how his return has been a waste of time.

However, looking forward, it's hard to imagine what the WWE will do once Lesnar leaves.  Lesnar was brought in to keep the momentum from WrestleMania 28 going as the WWE progressed through this year, but what will they do to keep the momentum going once Lesnar leaves for good?

Lesnar has given us solid matches and made two pay-per-views this year more entertaining than they would have been without him.

Still, has his return been a waste?

As long as the fans continue to buy the pay-per-views and his merchandise, then his return so far has been successful.


Do you think Lesnar's return has been a waste of time?  Leave a comment and share your opinion below.