WWE Divas: 5 Ideas

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WWE Divas: 5 Ideas

In a recent article here on B/R it's been said that Triple H wants to focus less on the WWE Divas and more on the WWE Tag Teams. While the general consensus was that Triple H was essentially right in that the Tag Teams had more to offer than the Divas, I had a few choice words for that way of thinking.

I'm not going to repost my entire comment, but basically I claimed this was Hunter's way of cutting corners and even that thinking has me questioning his ability to lead the WWE. That's not to say I don't think Triple H can do the job, but to focus on one section and discredit another section of your product is exactly the problem we have today.

WWE focuses on it's World Titles so much these days, the mid-card titles suffer mostly for it—as does the rest of the show to an extent. So why perpetuate this problem by taking away from the Divas to add to the tag teams.

It's not even a problem with having it done. I remember a time when WWE gave us quality programming on all fronts. The Divas got time, the Tag Teams got time, the mid-card got time, and of course the World Titles got time. Vince McMahon did it, and he was working with resources that could be considered limited at the time.

Triple H has so much at his disposal to make the WWE greater than it's ever been, so it saddens me to think that he could end up doing things the same way Vince has done then over the past few years, which while not horrible, hasn't been his best work.

With that said, I'm going to show that it's quite easy to have interesting things going on in the Divas Division. All you need is a little effort, some creativity, some guts, and maybe an immpecably skilled writer.

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