Albert Haynesworth is Worth It Guys

Travis EvansCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

Every where I turn on the Internet, it's he's not worth $100 million. Well Let's see is Big Ben or Mike Vick worth $100 million well no. But they both completed the puzzles in Atlanta and in Pittsburgh. Albert just completed are puzzle.

He will free up Jason Taylor and Andre Carter and will bring more pressure to force teams to run to the outside not the middle and not allowing QB's to step up.

With this said DeAngelo Hall will have a full year to show that he was worth it and he will look better with the acquisition of Haynesworth. When asked, the Redskins D-line was very pleased, so does this mean more chemistry between the lines and more communicating we will find out.

With this said the only move I disagree with is LETTING this Jason Campbell guy stay the starter. Now, if your going to support him, show the facts and don't say a new system every year or old linefind new excuse.