Josh Beckett: New Dodgers Pitcher Gains Nothing Discussing Red Sox Situation

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2012

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 27:  (EDITORS NOTE: Retransmission with alternate crop.) Starting pitcher Josh Beckett #61 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers to home plate during the first inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on August 27, 2012 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Josh Beckett is the kind of pitcher you love to have on your team when it's going well and easy to hate when he is on the opposing team or his results are less than stellar.

His exit from the Boston Red Sox did not come with a parade, though he has no problem talking about some issues he had at the end. 

Speaking to the media in Colorado while preparing for a game against the Rockies, Beckett was very candid about the way some things were handled in Boston and why it was not hard to move on (via Rob Bradford of WEEI):

"There are certain people in the media who painted me out to be a monster with horns, and that's just not the case. I said that in my press conference, people out here hear from certain media members that [portrayal]. I'm like, well, maybe you should start asking some people who are around me and know me. That's the thing, nobody ever asks them. And if they do ask them, they don't write that."

It was obvious that Beckett was one of the scapegoats for last season's September collapse, as well as the struggles the Red Sox have had this year, but that certainly doesn't tell the whole story of what happened to the storied franchise. 

Yet for Beckett to address it just seems odd. He was asked the questions and was very forthright with his answers, so it is not like anyone is yelling at him for what he said. 

However, it just doesn't feel like the kind of thing he should be talking about. When discussing things he could have done differently, Beckett still didn't mince words. 

"You just try and be yourself, and if that's not enough, what are you supposed to do? Act like somebody else? I don't know how that gets you anywhere. Once you start lying then there's another lie and then you have to cover that with another lie..."

The Red Sox's situation was ugly because the media couldn't understand why this team with a payroll over $175 million was having problems on and off the field. 

Beckett had an ERA over 5.00 this season, and as he discusses, there is talk about his attitude and everything like that. No one bothered to mention that his stuff wasn't what it used to be. 

The media needs to move past Beckett's tenure with the Red Sox, and Beckett needs to just go on a media shutdown about the whole thing. 

Beckett is in Los Angeles now. He has a chance to reinvent himself as a pitcher in the National League West, which he would not be allowed to do in Boston. 

The best thing Beckett can do from here on out is discuss what happens with him as a member of the Dodgers. Going back to Boston is just going to bring up old wounds that don't help anyone with anything.