The Program: Why the Clemson Tigers Have the Edge in Atlanta Against Auburn

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterAugust 30, 2012

Clemson and Auburn enter this game with three new coordinators and a lot of question marks. The winner is going to be the team who has the answers, understands its playbooks and takes advantage of its opportunities.

For the Clemson Tigers, they have one sure thing: their offense. We'll take a look at one of the Tigers' favorite plays, out of a formation that they can do a myriad of things from, including both running and passing. With Sammy Watkins out, look for junior Nuke Hopkins to step up and fill the void.

On the Auburn defense, we know the defensive line has some quality players, and in Brian VanGorder's scheme, he's going to turn those monsters loose on a rebuilt Clemson offensive line. However, the real question is whether the linebackers and secondary are taking to the new scheme and if they will be able to fill the void behind a talented front.

Auburn also brings out a new offense for this ballgame, and that should be interesting to see. One good thing for Kiehl Frazier is Clemson brings a new defense in, and there is a chance we'll see mistakes out of it as well.

Here, we'll find out if Brent Venables can get to his exotic blitz packages to confuse and pressure Frazier, or if his team just isn't ready for the big time.