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7 Current WWE Moves That Are Strangely Powerful

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIJanuary 8, 2017

7 Current WWE Moves That Are Strangely Powerful

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    Sometimes it is better not to question the logic of the WWE.

    It is a world that is so similar to the real one that it is almost indistinguishable, but then there is the fact that disputes are sorted out inside a ring and most of the people seem overly keen on wearing Speedos away from the swimming pool.

    However, there are some things that happen inside the WWE that don't seem to make sense even within their own rules, and that has to be seen as quite an impressive feat considering how open to manipulation their rules are.

    One of these elements is the seemingly random amount of power some moves are given when thrown by one superstar, when comparable moves by another have far less impact.

    Of course, it all started with Hulk Hogan and his legendary "Leg Drop of Doom." This was a move so powerful that it had 10 times the strength of the average man's version.

    Here are a list of the most strangely powerful moves in the current WWE.

John Cena's 5 Knuckle Shuffle

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    There are two parts to John Cena's Five-Knuckle Shuffle, and it has to be assumed that their combination has a magically damaging effect—otherwise it can only be interpreted as a little dance followed by a falling fist drop.

    The first part of the ritual sees Cena do his patented "You Can't See Me" taunt, which presumably sends his opponent into a trance so they cannot get up and interrupt the process. Cena follows this up by bouncing off the ropes and having a sort of mini fit, or doing a ritual dance that powers up the move.

    Having energized himself to throw any move he can think of, Cena must concentrate all that energy into his fist as he drops down on it to severely damage his opponent.

    The overall effect is devastating, as most opponents enter a spiral of decline from that point onwards, and end up losing the match.

    Admittedly, John Cena has never been promoted as a shaman, nor has the Five-Knuckle Shuffle ever been connected with occult practices, but this is one of the few possible explanations to why a fist drop is such a devastating move.

    This type of abstract reasoning can also be applied to "The People's Elbow."

Sheamus' Brogue Kick

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    The big boot, or bicycle kick, is a staple of most big men's move-sets and is often the catalyst for a victory. However, Sheamus' version has become the single most devastating move currently on Smackdown.

    The move's ability to knock another person senseless is weirdly more in-tune with the consequences of using the move in the real world, but the power it inflicts in comparison with other similar WWE kicks is outrageous.

    Perhaps technique and timing is the answer to the Brogue Kick's effectiveness, but this does seem to go against the idea of "Sheamus, brawler and hooligan" that is his pervasive marketing identity. Maybe it is the will of the Irish that gives the move so much power or a secret metal plate implanted in his boot.

    Whatever the cause, it is both impressive and unfathomable that Sheamus can deliver the move better than Big Show, Kane, Undertaker and even Hulk Hogan.

Santino's Cobra

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    It is impossible to view WWE television and not wonder how hitting your own arm to turn it into a sock-puppet suddenly gives a wrestler the power to seemingly stop any other wrestler for a three count, yet Santino's use of The Cobra is proof of this almost every week.

    The move is clearly a call back to kung fu movies, where mystical monks taught worthy students their secret combinations that had the potential to kill a man with a single touch. Except the WWE has lost the mysticism and replaced it with a little dance and a bright green sock puppet that can apparently touch any part of the face or torso and deliver the same amount of damage.

    Unique in its absurdity, the power of The Cobra is not just strange, but baffling.     

    One positive for the move is that kids can try this one at home with the worst result being badly stubbed fingers...and possibly a sore eye. Proof that there is a positive spin on any problem?

Christian's Spear

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    Most moves on this list are uniquely powerful compared to other moves similar to them, but Christian's Spear looks terribly weak, so it gets its power from the success of the move when performed by other athletes.

    The big issue with Christian is that he fails to deliver any impact that floors when he delivers the move. Therefore, it looks more like a head-on collision than someone driving their shoulder through an opponent's torso and liquefying their insides.

    Yet there have been so many devastating spears in wrestling history that the move has a power all its own.

    Rhyno's Gore optimized the last months of ECW, while Goldberg's Spear was the one weapon that the nWo feared. Then there was Edge and the 29 titles that he held in the WWE, which were mainly won through delivering his version of the spear.

    Few moves hold such a legacy, and that rubs off on Christian's poor attempt.

Big Show's Knock Out Punch

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    Unlike any of the other moves on this list, Show's Knock Out Punch manages to contradict itself with other punches thrown by the same man.

    The fact is that Big Show's arsenal of moves is predominantly made up of punches, so categorizing one as supreme to the others was always going to lead to confusion.

    Early on in the move's usage the Knock Out Punch was given a signifier when Show cocked his fist into position before delivering the move, but the WWE's desire to make it an instant weapon has left the wrestling world clueless as to what sort of right hand Show is about to come up with.

    This opens up all sorts of unanswerable questions, like why does Big Show not throw his KO Punch every time, as it is so effective? What does Show do differently to produce the KO Punch? Can Show deliver the KO Punch accidentally?

    Even for the WWE, this is one of the most confusing and oddly powerful moves around.

Undertaker's Old School

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    One of the last vestiges of fantastical characters left in the WWE, The Undertaker has a myriad of moves that are powerful looking and are allowed extra effect due to his persona.

    Yet Old School, which is an arm ringer into top rope karate chop, would be better suited to an Austin Powers film than being a major part of the Phenom's arsenal.  

    No doubt that the move is an incredible athletic maneuver for a man who is close to seven-feet tall and 300 pounds, but as Undertaker has aged he has become so perilously close to toppling over that it is a wonder why every one of his opponents doesn't just walk backwards and allow 'Taker to fall to the floor.

    Yet the move bewitches opponents and is an early calling card that the Phenom is heading for victory. 

Any Woman's Slap

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    If fans are to believe the WWE, its superstars can go through the most incredible amounts of pain and suffering.

    Submissions tie their limbs in knots, while suplexes can cause them to land on any part of their body and will leave them open to any number of kicks and punches that would knock a normal person out.

    Yet a woman's slap can stun one of these behemoths and cause them untold pain and anguish.

    Yes, it is likely that the superstar is stunned by the action, but the effect of a slap from Beth Phoenix appears to have the same effect as one from Mae Young.

    Rationalising such an event can lead to one of two conclusions. Either strength is measured differently in the world of wrestling, or women are kryptonite to men in the WWE Universe.

    Both options open up unique opportunities and challenges for WWE fans who like to create their own fantasy wrestling constructs, but neither satisfactorily explain the anomaly.

    The effectiveness of a woman's slap, much like the female species, is likely to be a mystery to men forever. 

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