NBA Podcast: Houston Rockets Complete 2012-13 Season Preview

Joel C. Cordes@@bballJoelNBA Associate EditorAugust 29, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Houston Rockets!
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Houston Rockets!Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets went big this offseason, and now it's time to go home. When and how will they bounce back from such a crushing disappointment?

In this episode of "Basketball by Association," NBA Lead Writer Josh Martin joins assistant editors Ethan Norof and Joel C. Cordes to break down all the key roster losses and additions, discuss the biggest storylines to watch and set realistic expectations for the Rockets.

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Houston GM Daryl Morey has been pursuing any and all available superstars for years. All he's got to show for it are some solid also-ran years and a current, total rebuilding project. How long can he keep his job under these circumstances?

Despite the missed attempts at Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, the Rockets DO have a ton of assets, rookies and upcoming cap space. How can they package these together into a cohesive plan?

How quickly can Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, Royce White and Jeremy Lamb develop? And why is Kevin Martin's expiring contract still on this roster?

The Rockets may have crash landed, but at least they can go up from here.


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