Ranking Each Charlotte Bobcat Player by Importance for 2012-13 Season

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Ranking Each Charlotte Bobcat Player by Importance for 2012-13 Season

I'm going to be blunt. I am tired of reading about how bad the Bobcats were last year, and about how bad they're probably going to be this year. It's time to stop it with that talk.

The Bobcats are a sleeper team who, I feel, with a respectable level of certainty, will surprise many people this season.

When I say sleeper, I only use the term loosely. They're not going to make the playoffs—I'm not an idiot. But over the course of the past two years, all anyone has read about is how the Bobcats are a losing team caught in a perpetual cycle of ineptitude.

I have written things along those lines in many of my articles myself, but I'm done talking about last year, and after two years of reading about how bad the Bobcats are, I'm ready to think positively.

It's time to stop thinking about last year. It's time to stop talking about how poorly of a job Michael Jordan has done with this team. It's time to stop pointing fingers in every direction, and start looking forward.

Michael Jordan (with extensive help from Rich Cho) has finally put together what will be a competitive team. Not great, not ready for the playoffs, but decent enough to triple, quadruple, or even quintuple their win total from last year.

Everyone knows that to become a great NBA team, you have to start from nothing to build something. With the sole exception of major market teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, and perhaps a few others, no team is perpetually good.

The Bobcats were pretty good a couple of years ago, but Jordan recognized that they were never going to get better with the aging roster they had put together. As much as I loved Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson, it was time to start over.

Unfortunately, things were a lot worse than most people thought they were going to be, but we got through it. Now we're about to witness what may be the most important season in the history of this franchise.

I'm going to rank each player that is currently listed on the roster by their importance, starting with least and moving to most important. Worth noting is that I am not including "maybe" players who are currently at training camp.

Guys who very well could make the team (Cory Higgins, Scoop Jardine, Othello Hunter and several others) are not on this list. This is strictly the 12 guys who are insured to be on the roster to start the season.

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