Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings Celebrate with Hot Ice Crew Photo Shoot

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The LA Kings would very much like to inform you that their 2013 Ice Crew calendar photo shoot is going swimmingly. 

We thank them in kind. 

I am not posting this video because I am partial to the LA-based Kings who dominated the playoffs for their first Stanley Cup victory in franchise history, although I am. 

I am not even posting this because it features a bevy of beautiful women frolicking and reclining in bikinis while soaking up the Southern California sun, although it does. 

I am posting because of calendars!

Okay, it's more from a place of fondness and appreciation for hockey's best team and the lovely ladies that make up the 2013 Ice Crew. 

The video does have some tremendous claims when it comes to pamphlets of paper that tell you what day it is. 

In huge letters, amid bikini-clad beauties, they state this will be the best calendar ever. As long as it sticks to the format of seven days a week, includes a 13th month for the requisite extra picture; I am inclined to believe them. 

I am also inclined to watch the video one more time just for giggles. 

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