WWE Raw: 5 Positives to Take Away from Monday Night

Michael BroughtonAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2012

WWE Raw: 5 Positives to Take Away from Monday Night

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    Hello Bleacher Report. Tonight's Raw certainly had its ups and downs, but all together, it was one of the best shows in all of 2012. Usually, this article would consist of both positives in negatives, but the good just simply outweighed the bad.

    With the return of Paul Heyman, more Anger Management, solid matches and more, we have a lot to be happy about going into the future. But for now, let's take a look at the present, and see what WWE did right. So without further ado, lets begin!

5. "Awesome" Commentary

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    With Jerry Lawler out, WWE chose the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, to work alongside Mchael Cole for tonight's show. My first thought was Cole would go on a Miz-loving rampage and ruin the show for everybody at home. However, to my surprise, Cole was pretty unbiased and The Miz was absolute gold.

    The two worked extremely well together, and it is no surprise that The Miz was fantastic. He is one of the best talkers in the game, and I wouldn't be surprised if he one day ended up behind the commentary table for good. For now, The Miz's commentating will be put on hold, but there is no denying he did a stellar job.

4. Del Rio vs. Cena Exceeds Expectations

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    Coming into the main event, I wasn't really expecting much. I was assuming that the two would share a couple of punches and then Punk would interfere. While my latter thought is completely true, the former is far from correct.

    These two wrestled all around the arena, giving everything they had. Heck, we even saw Cena get sent through a table (which was definitely fun to watch).

    While the match didn't have a clean finish, I don't think anybody expected it to. If either man lost fairly, it would make them look weak heading into a title match. The way WWE set it up was great, and in the time they were given, both men gave it there all. While it isn't going to be getting a 5-star rating any time soon, they still managed to give us a solid main event.

3. AJ's Offer Her Rocker....Again

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    When AJ first got her glimpse of the spotlight, she was absolute gold. Her crazy persona was fantastic, and she immediately got way over with the fans. She quickly found herself involved in the WWE Title picture and went on to become the GM of Raw.

    However, since being named the general manager, AJ just hasn't been the same. I've been begging for her psychotic character to return, and tonight, it finally happened.

    After being publicly humiliated by Vickie Guerrero, AJ completely broke down. She smashed the floor repeatedly with a steel chair and then dropped into a pile of her own tears. This is the type of thing we need to see from AJ, as it is what makes her stand out from the pack.

    If we can get a little bit more of AJ's crazy side each week, I will be a much happier man because of it.

2. Anger Management

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    Just like last week, the Anger Management segments were fantastic. Daniel Bryan, Kane, Harold and Dr. Shelby combine to create some of the best skits I have seen in quite some time. Whether it be Kane's life story, Harold's innocence or the eventual outbreak by Dr. Shelby, every segment makes me roll on the floor laughing.

    When I first heard previews for these skits, I was not excited. I had assumed WWE would do the usual and find a way to pass time with boring, pointless segments. However, they definitely proved me wrong this time.

    I've been looking forward to the Anger Management classes all week, and I was not disappointed. WWE has been perfect with these segments, and I'm excited to see what happens next in the Kane-Daniel Bryan storyline.

1. Paul Heyman!!!!

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    It was assumed by many that with Brock Lesnar out for now, Paul Heyman would be too. However, as we learned tonight, that is not the case.

    After attacking John Cena and costing him the match, CM Punk hopped in a car with tinted windows and drove off. The driver you ask? None other than the one and only Paul Heyman.

    It was over a year ago that CM Punk referred to himself as a "Paul Heyman guy." It seems like the WWE has not forgotten that they have created a dynamic duo with these two. I simply can't wait to see these guys cut a promo together. This is the type of surprise we have all been begging for, and WWE has finally obliged.

    This was a great move by WWE, as it left everybody in absolute shock. It is moments like these that keep people tuning in to see what happens next. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see what comes next.