CM Punk Posts Photo of Staples in His Head on Twitter

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 29, 2012

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During his main-event steel cage match against Jerry Lawler on Raw, CM Punk bled for all the world to see. 

Two days later, Punk tweeted a photo of staples holding together a wound on the top of his head. In the tweet, he pokes fun at people who still think blood in wrestling is ketchup or movie makeup. 

WWE fans knew full well that the cut was real, but many wondered if it was intentional. Since WWE programming took on a PG rating, the sight of blood has been rare, especially on Raw. 

For anyone wondering if Punk bladed to achieve that dripping crimson look on Monday night, the evidence states otherwise. Wrestlers usually cut themselves mid-match around their eyebrow or their forehead. It's highly unlikely that Punk sliced open the top of his own head.

The staples are fake too.…

— CM Punk (@CMPunk) August 29, 2012

Instead, it seems that the wound was caused by a Jerry Lawler elbow. 

If this was an accident, it was quite a fortunate one for both Punk and WWE. 

Having blood ooze down his head and stain his wrist tape pushed Punk's villainy to new heights. It enhanced his heel image, making him seem demented when he seemed to grin upon realizing he was bleeding.

His beatdown of Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler made his slow-burn heel turn official. The blood made it unforgettable.

Perhaps this is Punk's way of letting WWE officials know that he didn’t intentionally bring blood back to the ring in light of speculation about him breaking company blading rules. Or maybe he just wants to silence wrestling's critics.

Yes, pro wrestling is scripted, but it gets very real all the time.