And So Far, the Best Free Agent Signing Is...

mathieu koziczContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

Through the first few hours of free agency there have been some wise signings, like Fred Taylor signing with the patriots or Albert Haynesworth becoming the $100,000,000 man in Washington. But in my perspective the best free agent signing has been Bart Scott going to the New York Jets for six years $48,000,000.

This is a wise signing, because Scott and Jets head coach Rex Ryan stay together.  Also, by Scott, if Ray Lewis gets out into the open market, they will have a better chance of signing him because of the bond Lewis and Scott have. 

The Jets should also be intrigued because of Scott's play making ability in the middle, Combined with fellow linebacker Calvin Pace and Big Kris Jenkins In the middle, the Jets will have one of the stingiest front seven in the NFL, Maybe even enough for them to catch up to the high powered offenses of New England and Miami in the AFC east

So, when the time comes for signing free agent in 2010, do not overlook the inside linebacker position. It will help.