Just Win Baby!

Max IasconeSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2008

According to ESPN, The Raiders have agreed in principle to a trade with Atlanta which would put Pro Bowl corner Deangelo Hall in silver and black in exchange for a second round pick.

The deal will be finalized when Hall restructures his contract.

What can I say... Al Davis I hardly knew ye.

Here I was questioning the Raiders' seemingly exorbitant signings and foolish moves, while the Raiders made move after move to imrpove their roster. It took me a while but I can finally see the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

With the signings of Panthers wideout Drew Carter and the embattled Javon Walker, the Raiders have given QB Jamarcus Russel some weapons to compliment RB Justin Fargas, who ended last season on a tear.

The Raiders have also bolstered their O-line by trading for former San Francisco 1st round pick Kwame Harris, although he was a bust for the Niners, the Raiders O-line coach Sean Cable is one of the best in the buisiness. Also, Lincoln Kennedy was a bust in Atlanta but he was a yearly pro bowler in Oakland.

Also, the addition of Hall and the recently signed SS Gibril Wilson, along with returning star Namdi Asomugha and 2006 first round pick Michael Huff, makes the once mediocre Raiders secondary into one of the best young pass defense units in the NFL. If the secondary lives up to its vast potential, the D-line may improve as well since they will have more time to go after the QB before he finds an open man. Hall coming to Oakland also leaves the door open for the eventual trade of weakest link Stu Schweigert for another draft pick.

More importantly however, the signings of characters like Walker and Hall seem to symbolize the much needed return of the swagger that once radiated from Raider Nation back in the 70s.

Not only are these moves typical of the Al Davis we know and love (or hate if you're a Broncos or Chiefs fan) they are far more logical then the alternative, drafting Darren McFadden.

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, the Raiders still hold the number 4 pick in the draft, and now that the Raiders don't need a wideout, a corner, or an O-lineman, they can finally find a replacement in the middle for the wildly disappointing Terdell Sands.

Dependant on whether Oakland chooses a multiple front defense (as suggested by fellow bleacher report author Jeff Little) or the Standard 4-3, a great DT will definitely be available for the taking. USC DT Sedrick Ellis would seem to be the most logical choice for a multiple front scheme as he has shown the strength and tenacity to consistently draw and maintain/shed the double team as a NT in the 3-4, he also has the mean streak that makes him a nice fit in Oakland. LSU's Glenn Dorsey could be a monster in a 4-3 set if he were to be paired with underrated returning starter Tommy Kelley. The athleticism and skill of those 2 at DT would give opposing O-linemen fits all game.

After years of mediocrity, the ship seems to be righting itself in Oakland and all I can say is, it's about damn time, good job Al.