'Call Me Maybe' Parody Clears Up Fantasy Draft Dilemma of Adrian Peterson

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 29, 2012

There is a decision haunting every last fantasy football owner yet to pick: to draft Adrian Peterson, or not to draft Adrian Peterson?

Let's address the obvious issue lingering out there right now. The parody featured (h/t Hot Clicks) does make use of Call Me Maybe, a scourge on this great nation. 

We forgive that fact because the video is topical and a necessity to any of you out there who are yet to dive head first into your respective war rooms with a short list of running backs to take in the first few rounds. 

There is one name that sticks out among them for the warning bells going off around his brittle knee—Adrian Peterson. 

According to this video and its faux AP, there is no reason not to draft him with your late first-round pick because he can go up a hill and run through the mall like a champ. 

How can you not draft with a new level of certainty and confidence now? 

Of course, actual reports like the one from Yahoo Sports would beg to differ. The Vikings star running back is just now being cleared to get hit at practice, but above the waist and not with anything strong enough to get him on the ground. 

So head into that draft with the same worries that every manager has this year. We are all playing Minnesota Vikings Roulette, possibly being forced to draft Adrian Peterson with a valued pick. 

If he does end up on your team, consider this video your security blanket. 

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