10 Submission Holds and the MMA Fighters Who Did Them Best

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10 Submission Holds and the MMA Fighters Who Did Them Best
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The reason the UFC grabbed a hold of America's attention and never let go, despite the best efforts of politicians and the cable companies, is the artistry and elegance of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The family's fighting art, honed in real-world combat for decades, was beautiful in its simplicity. It showed, beyond all doubt, the power of the brain, demonstrating how technique can conquer brawn almost every time.

Submission arts are what separate man from beast. All animals scrap. Go to your local zoo and see for yourself. But only man applies science to his violence, making us, as the poets say, the most dangerous game of all.

Although the stand-and-bang crowd may disagree, there's nothing more thrilling than a fighter applying calculated force to end a bout by submission. Watching a game of human chess beats watching two brutes swinging for the fences every time.

Fighting is brutal, yes. But it's a thoughtful and precise brutality. At its best, it's true art. Through the years, we've seen some great thinkers in the cage, athletes who, over and over again, put themselves in positions to succeed. These fighters use the art of submission better than any other, 10 masters of 10 unique holds who have set the standard for all to follow.

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