Phoenix-Toronto: Raptors Get Sun Burned

Bill AnterlineContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

Feb. 27, 2009:

After a brutal game against the Los Angeles Lakers last night, the Phoenix Suns rose up against the Toronto Raptors tonight—eager for a win. 

Steve Nash still did not play, due to an ankle injury he received during the recent game against the Charlotte Bobcats, but in his absence the Suns still thrived.

Six of the 10 Suns that played tonight had points in the double digits, including all five starters. 

Standing out tonight for the Suns was Shaquille O'Neal with 11 rebounds, three steals, and 45 points. 

It was also a better than average night for Louis Amundson, who came away with 10 rebounds and 20 points.

Despite his -23 +/-, the newly traded Shawn Marion also had a solid game with 11 rebounds, three steals, and 27 points. 

Overall, Toronto played a strong game, but Phoenix was too set in their ways to be beaten two nights in a row. 

The final score was Phoenix 133, Toronto 113. 

Next time the Raptors might want to bring some SPF32.