New York Mets Add To Their Bullpen Arsenal

Phil HoopsCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

The Mets have added yet another arm, according to the New York Post, to compete for the final spot in the bullpen in Ron Villone. The 39 year old, Villone, must take a physical in order for his minor league deal to become official.

The move is somewhat questionable, due to Villone’s apparent link to performance-enhancing drugs. This move will probably prompt a negative media reaction, much like the Alex Rodriguez scandal only on a much smaller scale.Ron Villone

Nonetheless, Villone, who is a 14 year veteran, was moderately effective with the St. Louis Cardinals last season. While he posted a rather high 4.68 ERA, he did hold lefties to an impressive .176 average.

A question everyone is going to be asking is why did the Mets sign a 39 year old reliever when the likes of Joe Beimel and Will Ohman are still available?

The answer is that the other pitchers required a major league deal which would guarantee them a roster spot, which is something the Mets weren’t comfortable doing.

I like this move for the Mets, and I think Villone could be just the perfect fit for the last spot in the bullpen if he can prove himself in spring training.