Madden 13 Rosters: Tim Tebow vs. Mark Sanchez & Other Virtual QB Controversies

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 28, 2012

image from Madden 13
image from Madden 13

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez is not just a QB controversy waiting to happen in real life, it's also a dilemma for those controlling the New York Jets on Madden 13.

The overall ratings are close. Check out this breakdown of the key ratings:

Sanchez is rated an 80 and Tebow is rated a 77, but gamers will be primarily looking at two categories: speed and throwing accuracy.

Tebow is among the faster QBs on the game with an 81 speed rating. Sanchez is rated a 69 in the category.

Tebow's running abilities are even more deadly when you factor in his unreal 86 rating in trucking. That is better than most running backs on the game.

Sanchez does have the edge in throwing accuracy. He is rated an 80 in this category and Tebow a 74.

Sanchez owns a 10-point advantage over Tebow in both short throw and medium throw accuracy, but Tebow is actually slightly better in deep-throw accuracy.

He is rated a 73 here, compared to a 71 rating for Sanchez.

So who is the best option?

It depends on how you play. I love to have a mobile QB, and so that brings me to Tebow. Sanchez just doesn't have a big enough advantage as a thrower in my opinion.

Here are two other virtual QB controversies on Madden 13:


Cleveland Browns: Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace


This one is a three-headed monster. Weeden is the rookie—even though he's 28 years old—and McCoy is still the youngest, though he's been in the NFL for two years.

Wallace is the old veteran at 32 years old, but he still has the most mobility with an 84 speed rating.

McCoy is pretty mobile as well, with a speed rating of 74. Weeden is not mobile at all, with a speed rating of 64. But he clearly has the best throwing ratings in power and in all of the accuracy categories.

The right choice in this depends on what mode you're playing—and of course, how you play.

If I were playing online or in another one-off situation, I'd use McCoy. He gives you the best the Browns have in terms of throwing and mobility.

In a Connected Careers, I would start either McCoy or Weeden to develop them for the future.


Miami Dolphins: David Garrard, Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill


This is another three-way dilemma—at least on Madden 13. David Garrard's injury isn't severe enough for him to be removed from the Dolphins' depth chart, but even still the ratings race is close.

Moore has a 78 overall rating, Garrard a 77 and Tannehill a 74. Tannehill is one of the faster QBs in the game with an 83 speed rating.

He also has the best throwing ratings of the three.

His awareness is very low, but that won't matter as much if you're controlling him. Plus, it will surely improve if you're playing Connected Careers.

In my opinion, he's the guy you should play.


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