Mavericks Analysis: Desperation in Dallas

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Mavericks Analysis: Desperation in Dallas
Many people thought when Dallas got Jason Kidd for the cluster of draft picks and bench players that it would skyrocket them atop the West. Then they would take that head of steam into the playoffs and become champions of the NBA.

Well those people were wrong. I don't want to say I told you so, but just as I predicted, the Dallas Mavericks are struggling and have made a mistake after acquiring Jason Kidd.

Only Phoenix has seen a bigger downslide since they traded for Shaq, as they two were picked by some to be the favorites out of the West, but they have fallen into the 6th spot. In comparison, the Mavs have a 8-6 record since the Kidd deal so technically they don't have a losing record, but they have dropped in the Western Conference. They are in the seventh seed, only up two games in front of lifetime nemesis, Golden State.

Jason Kidd's effectiveness has seem to vanish. He hasn't had a triple double in the 14 games he's played with his new ball club. Kidd is stuck, still sitting on 99, behind Magic Johnson. In New Jersey triple-doubles used to be a everyday thing, just like taking the subway.

His teammates have been bad too. Josh Howard was shooting frigid FG percentage such as 18.2, 27.8, and 33.3 percent, but has since found his shot has improved. Jason Terry's production has slipped  as well as he has posted two-, five-, and seven-point games since the Kidd deal. He's getting plenty of touches and opportunities with Kidd at the head of things.

So why aren't things working out? I think its the intimidation factor of Jason Kidd, or it could be that Avery Johnson is misusing Kidd, or it could be that fact that Kidd is just getting older.

Crazy enough as this sounds, a team with Dirk Nowitiziki, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, and Jason Kidd are in danger of failing to make the playoffs.

However, Dirk has continued his steady stride down the stretch for the Mavericks, but unfortunately, he is not Kobe Bryant, and cannot grab his team by the reins and lead them into the playoffs.

Perhaps he is used to a big name PG (Steve Nash). With a team with that much talent, how could that be true?

There are many theories and fingers to point at over their uncanny performance but a team like this can't get completely down on themselves. With games fast approaching against Utah, Boston, Phoenix, San Antonio, New Orleans and the Lakers, a pep talk needs to be given and adjustments need to be made quickly.

The Mavericks must regroup and show the NBA what they are made of.

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