I Love You Denard Video: Watch Maize and Blue Nation's Emo Tribute Song

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2012

Sixteen on the field / No. 1 in my heart.

Oh boy.

As sports tribute songs go, Pat Stansik's "I Love You Denard" is certainly unique. It deserves props for not being the 37,193rd YouTube song to employ a parody of Gotye's "Someboy That I Used to Know" (somebody really just needs to write "Parody That I Used to Know" and get it over with already).

But then again, it just made me feel, well...uncomfortable.

And that's the point, of course. We're supposed to cringe when Stansik sings "If you cut your dreads / I want a souvenir." We're supposed to laugh as Stansik's buddies are made uncomfortable by their friend's homoerotic feelings toward Robinson. 

And I'm not sure how we should feel about "the whole campus [getting] Denarded." That line wasn't really in the best taste.

But hey, I suppose Michigan fans do feel pretty strongly about Robinson, a definite Heisman candidate this year and the leading figure in the Wolverines' hope to return to national prominence. So it isn't surprising that Michigan fans love them some Shoelace.

In the end, is it ever okay to go the emo, acoustic-guitar love-song route, even in jest? Not really. Did this video ever ascend from the level of awkward to hilarious? I don't think so. Is Michigan probably overrated heading into this season?


But Michigan fans will always have "I Love You Denard." And thanks to the Internet, so will the rest of the Big Ten fans who can't wait to use this video to make fun of Michigan.


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