Top 10 Football Party Schools, Pt. 2: BR5

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College football season is right around the corner, but before the first touchdown is scored, let's pick up where we left off with the top five football party schools.

Ranking in at No. 5 is the University of Florida in Gainesville. This school has it all: a good football team, three national championships and, most importantly, smoking-hot co-eds. The Gators are on track to be unstoppable, so let's see what they can bring to the field this season.

Up next, taking the No. 4 spot, is the University of Georgia. This school is not only known for football, but for partying hard as well. With 30,000-plus students enrolled, it's no surprise if there's a party for every day of the week. But with an all-time record of 747-400-54, every day should be a party.

In at No. 3 is the University of Illinois. The last time this football team won a conference championship was back in 2001. The only things this team can look forward to are some great times and great parties.

Hopefully the football team can win another conference championship sooner rather than later.

The University of Iowa is known for its parties, and that's why it ranks in at No. 2 on the countdown. Not only can they throw a great party, but they also play a good game, thanks to the Hawkeye football team.

This team has 11 B1G championships in its history, and although this school is small, it definitely knows how to have a good time.

Coming in at No. 1 on this list of top 10 party schools, with an overall record of 600-400-41 and going 10-3 last year, is West Virginia University. This school has continuously been on the list of the top 10 for partying. Seems like the Mountaineers know the definition of a good time. 

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