Pistons Weekly Report: Richard Hamilton, Pistons Break 8-Game Drought!

XWA DiggContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

I think its safe to say the Detroit Pistons are back!

I will happily forget the eight games we lost, because its time to look forward.

Id never wish pain upon anyone, but to be honest, I've been waiting for AI to get injured because the team we saw Friday against Orlando, was the vintage Detroit Pistons.

The team that slows down games, and plays at their own paste.  The team that goes through Rasheed Wallace when on the top of the key.  

The team the makes plays from the perimeter, instead of driving every play, and hoping to create a play (AI). The unselfish Piston Team. We have finally one a game, and we won a big one when we knocked off the Orlando Magic (2nd time this year).

Earlier in the day, it was announced AI will becoming off the bench when he returns (I wish him a speedy recovery). AI will be a BIG help off the bench, because he will play each minute hard. He will bring points off the bench, something Detroit has been looking for.

Usually when a bench comes into the game, the opponent gets to take a break as well. But With AI and Jason coming into the game, it will be no intermission.  Expect a win streak from the pistons. See you next week! 


Next game: Celtics. On March the 1st. ABC, 1:00. Be There.