Irish Basketball...the Remaining Few

Jim CowanCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

I don’t know that there’s anything worse, as an Irish fan, to look at the remaining schedule and see at No. 2 UConn, No. 10 Villanova and St. John's at home. St. John's, of course, dealt Notre Dame a blow near the start of Big East play. I also don’t know that there’s anything the Irish need less than three must-wins at the ass end of the season. Unfortunately for all of us, that’s what they’ve got. The ugly fact is every single team in the Big East was dealt a turd sandwich this season, so Notre Dame’s final three is truly not much worse than any given Big East team.

Another unfortunate fact is that the few teams with more-favorable remaining schedules are the few teams ahead of the Irish. Cincy finishes up with Syracuse, South Florida, and Seton Hall. West Virginia has USF, DePaul, and Louisville. Syracuse’s remaining three possibly favors that slim chance of assisting the Irish with Cincy, Rutgers, and Marquette, but it is ‘Cuse, and we all know how that goes. Providence ends up with Rutgers and Villanova. Yet another problem is that Cincy, West Virginia, and Syracuse all beat Notre Dame earlier, so that renders a tie worthless.

The good news, though, is that those conference records are 9-7, three teams at 8-7, and Notre Dame at 7-8. There’s not much room for error, but that proves to be the similar fate of all the aforementioned teams.

The formula is rather easy. WIN. There’s not much else they can do. I will never make a prediction, but I will say a win tomorrow would rank among the NCAA’s upsets of the year. There’s no better time to stroke a little ‘Irish Luck’ than tomorrow afternoon!