Former Indy Talent Who Missed WWE Tryout Appeared on Raw on Monday

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2012

According to PWInsider (h/t, Scorpio Sky made an appearance on Monday's Raw after missing a post-SummerSlam tryout.

Sky, who wrestled in TNA recently as Mason Andrews, was reported the other day as a no-show at the tryouts along with one other indy wrestler. Sky did not appear in a dark match or anything related to a match on Raw, but in several skits during the night.

During the anger management skits with Daniel Bryan and Kane, a fellow attendee named Harold was involved verbally and physically at the meeting. Sky played Harold, another man in anger management who seemed very enthusiastic about the anger management meetings.

During the skits, which were well-received by fans and wrestling sites alike, Bryan showed to be resistant to the meeting and the idea of being in anger management. Kane even told a very comedic version of his life story which caused an adjournment to the meeting.

Probably the most memorable part of Sky playing Harold was at the end when he spoke one-on-one with Kane about his story. Wanting a hug in appreciation for sharing his life story, Kane grabbed Harold around the throat before letting him go and walking away.

Though Sky did not wrestle at all during his time on Raw last night, one has to think that his participation in the skits has likely earned him some points with the bosses. Fans took very well to the skits, and he did a commendable job.

It would be tough, however, to transition the Harold character into a wrestling character. From what I have seen, Sky is a very good talent in the ring.

Watching him in TNA as Mason Andrews, I made the remark that he was very talented. Now that the WWE has used him, it will be interesting to see where he goes moving forward.