WWE: 6 Superstars Who Deserve a Push from Management

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IAugust 28, 2012

WWE: 6 Superstars Who Deserve a Push from Management

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    For every main event-caliber superstar the WWE currently has on their roster, there are dozens of others that have not gotten their fair shot at the spotlight. 

    Whether they have not been pushed due to injury or some other unforeseen circumstance, creative has not given these superstars a chance to prove their worth. 

    For some, it’s the way they portray their character in the ring; for others, it’s the current state of the roster. Some are simply new, while others’ opportunities have simply dwindled before they ever got started. 

    Despite all that, here are six WWE superstars that deserve a push from management to help their careers. 

Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan

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    Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan have been in very similar situations; both have the physique that is synonymous with the traditional larger-than-life superstar. 

    They can both be booked as the enforcer, and they both have, but they ultimately come up short. 

    While their physical prowess is not an issue, their characters are very bland. 

    A way to possibly repackage the two and give them the push they deserve may be to make the duo a dominant tag team. Not only will their characters reflect their physical abilities, but WWE would have another tag team with which to rebuild their division. 

Zack Ryder

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    With WWE focusing more on social media to garner attention, one would think that one of their top stars would be at the forefront of this movement. Zack Ryder has the social media attention, just not the attention from creative. 

    Any time his music hits, the fans cheer him as if he was a main-event talent. 

    Instead, Ryder has been a regular "WWE Superstars" talent for most of the year. 

    Ryder himself has tweeted about the issue and seems to be very unhappy about it. That may be the reason he has appeared on Raw more regularly.

    He did get a small push when he won the United States Championship, but he has not done much else since, besides being beaten by Kane and duped by Eve on a consistent basis.

    Ryder already has the pieces to be a solid mid-card talent; creative just needs to allow him to do that. 

Alex Riley

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    Much like Zack Ryder, Alex Riley has been a fan favorite—when he gets to perform. Riley seemed destined for a big push once he separated from The Miz. 

    Weeks following Riley’s turn to face made him a frequent competitor on Raw and SmackDown. 

    Then, gradually, A-Ry lost that momentum and became a regular on WWE Superstars. 

    Wrestlezone.com reports that the decision to stop the Riley push may have stemmed from an incident involving John Cena. 

Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion who seemed destined to remain in the upper echelon of the WWE. 

    But fans easily grew tired of Swagger’s stale character. His in-ring performance is excellent; he just doesn't have the charisma to go along with it. Think of Swagger as a modern-day Shelton Benjamin. 

    The final nail on the coffin turned out to be his alliance with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Swagger was easily overshadowed by the momentum of Ziggler, which is why the short-lived feud that broke the two up is forgettable to most viewers. 

    A complete repackaging might be the thing Swagger needs to go back to the top—and stay there this time. 

Beth Phoenix

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    WWE creative has really dropped the ball on the women’s division. No other wrestler has been disadvantaged more because of this than Beth Phoenix

    While more of the WWE divas have physiques that resemble models, Phoenix's build can allow her to compete beyond the women’s division. 

    She could have very well been the next Chyna, competing in the ring with male wrestlers and reaching for championship gold that isn’t exclusive to the WWE divas. 

    Instead, WWE lost almost complete interest in the division, and Phoenix in general. Wrestlezone.com reports that Triple H has been phasing out the divas matches, that generally last less than two or three minutes, in favor of tag matches.

    And considering that Kharma was released by WWE before she even had the opportunity for the highly anticipated match versus Phoenix, it seems the Glamazon is stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

    WWE still has an opportunity to put Phoenix in a favorable position. She has too much talent and potential; all she needs is a push.