Former Auburn RB Michael Dyer Enrolls at Arkansas Baptist College

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IAugust 27, 2012

The curious case of former standout Auburn running back Michael Dyer has taken its latest turn. He has enrolled at Arkansas Baptist College, but not to play football. He's going there work on earning his associate's degree. 

This is according to a report by ESPN, which cites comments made by Dr. Fitzgerald Hill to 103.7 The Buzz.

This comes, as ESPN points out, after Dyer had previously transferred to Arkansas State at the beginning of this year, but had his request to play football this season denied by the NCAA.

Dyer made that transfer after he was indefinitely suspended by Auburn prior to the team playing in the last Chick-fil-A-Bowl—a surprising turn of events. 

This saga is stunning for a player who just two seasons ago was the offensive MVP of the 2011 BCS National Championship Game. Dyer was a freshman that year and he rushed for 1,093 yards at six yards per carry. 

He appeared to be destined for greatness as his speed and power looked custom made for the NFL game. 

He returned to Auburn to roll out 1,242 yards in his sophomore year before his suspension. While his excellent results would paint the picture of a back on the right track, Dyer did not appear to be as explosive or driven and was wildly inconsistent.  

So now, a player that was once a lock to be playing on Sundays is just another student at ABU. It will be a long road to the NFL from there, but this is an encouraging sign that Dyer is committed to turning around his downward spiral.