Former Oregon QB Nate Costa Thinks Cheerleader Quality Has Plummeted

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 27, 2012

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Nate Costa chose to offer his opinion of the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders' quality recently, because pretty much nobody asked for it. 

Busted Coverage managed to spot something quite common in the world of Twitter: unfortunate opinions. The most recent had former Ducks QB Costa opining on how those Ducks cheerleaders just aren't what they used to be. 

Here is the initial Tweet from Costa:

UO FB's ascension to the top of CFB is special. Sadly there has been a neg. correlation btwn WINS and phys. appearance of the cheer squad...

— Nate Costa (@NateCosta7) August 27, 2012

And here is the reply from current cheerleader Bridget Case:

@natecosta7 ?? ouch...

— Bridget Case (@breebird22) August 27, 2012


Pretty understandable when your team just got labeled ugly. Costa makes sure to clear things up by sort of saying he wasn't calling Case specifically an uggo:

@breebird22 Forgive me. Not a personal attack. Still impressive. Standard has always been high. Tough to match at times.

— Nate Costa (@NateCosta7) August 27, 2012

Case continues to be the bigger person:

@natecosta7 we always support our football team, and Hope that they do the same for us. Just sayin

— Bridget Case (@breebird22) August 27, 2012

You can head over to Costa's feed and see a myriad of opinions and some backpedaling from the quarterback who won the team's Most Inspirational Player award back in 2010. 

Instead of inspiring, the former QB has decided to call out cheerleaders and their "physical attributes," not exactly the uplifting show of support needed prior to the start of the season. 

By sheer luck, Busted Coverage also had a photo gallery of the Oregon Ducks cheer team from their Triangle Lake retreat. 

You can be the judge of whether Costa has lost his mind or not. 

We are prepared to say that he has indeed lost it, along with all his credibility on judging physical attributes. 


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