New England Patriots Draft Needs

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

The upcoming draft can either make or break an NFL football team, be it breaking the bank, a draft bust, or a constantly injured player.

We're going to look at the New England Patriots 2009 NFL Draft needs. I will go through every position that needs someone and we will look at potential picks.


This is by far the most underrated position. The Pats are in dire need of a good punter. These are the punters the Pats should consider.

Justin Brantley is a punter from Texas A&M with an average of 44 yards per punt in college. He could help on special teams.

The second punter that probably has the better chance of being drafted is Kevin Huber from Cincinnati University, who averaged 46.8 yards per punt.

This kid has a leg and he could be the missing link on the Patriots special teams. Time to bring in young blood instead of veterans in their upper 30's.


This is a position that needs to be filled especially with the loss of Mike Vrabel via trade to Kansas City.

There are three linebackers that should have the Pats' focus.

Aaron Curry from Wake Forest is probably the most sought-after linebacker. He is an absolute beast. He can make game changing plays and lining up next to Jerod Mayo would make quite a formidable linebacking corps.

Rey Maualuga from USC is also a beast. He would fit in nicely at the ILB position and he could bring some much needed athleticism that the Pats' linebacking corps have been lacking in years past.

James Laurinaitis from Ohio State is the last one I would really consider. He is an amazing ILB and is probably the only player who will be immediately ready for the NFL.


This is the one spot where the Patriots were most criticized at.

Ellis Hobbs is not a fit No. 1 corner because he is small, cocky, and celebrates after every play even when he gives up big ones.

These are the players we should look at.

Malcolm Jenkins is a ball hawk and has great athleticism. He could be the No. 1 CB and he could easily fit in with the Patriots system.

The only other CB I liked was Vontae Davis who would be a great improvement from Ellis Hobbs or Deltha O'Neal.

Remember this, we still have Terrence Wheatley who is still growing and the other rookie who is sprouting into a great player.

Wide Receiver

Yes, we have Welker and Moss, but a third option would be great. Welker and Moss are veterans, and in case one gets injured, we need to have more options.

In the second round Brian Robiske from Ohio State and Kenny Britt from Rutgers would be good choices.

This is just prelimenary idea of what the Patriots need to address. An offensive tackle and a safety wouldn't hurt.

A dominating tight end would also be great to draft. Check back for my Mock Draft!