"Waterbug" Ready for Big Ten Tournament Championship

Steve McClureContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

Lewis Jackson is slowly becoming the big little man on campus as the Big Ten Tournament nears all hopes of the Championship rides on his high flying, dishing, darting moves.

The Lewjack is also known on campus as the "Waterbug," thanks to Steve Lavin's description of the point guard's play on the floor. 

Lewis will be running the show at the point; as he goes so go the hopes of the Boilers. Lewis will need to break down the big men in the paint and pick up fouls to help offset the Boilers lack of size and rebounding.

It sounds simple, but when he drives and kicks the ball out to the wings, both Grant and Moore need to score the three-point shot.

Jajuan Johnson needs to stay aggressive on the inside, because this is the Big Ten Tournament, where toughness prevails. Coach Matt Painter will need to help his players out by working the refs before his star player picks up three early fouls.

The Boilers after a disappointing road loss should play a little more bench these last two games and keep his sick and injured team fresh for the Big Ten Championship Tournament this year.