Analyzing Independent Tag Teams Who Deserve Shots in WWE

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 28, 2012

Analyzing Independent Tag Teams Who Deserve Shots in WWE

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    WWE has enough talent on its roster already to bring tag team wrestling back to prominence, but why stop there? If they fully commit to the division, there are a number of impressive teams on the independent circuit who they could sign. 

    Tag team greatness is up for grabs.  

    From Dragon Gate, Chikara, Shimmer, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and elsewhere, these teams offer WWE a chance to load up on tag talent. 

    Not only do these pairs offer pre-made tag teams, complete with clever names and great chemistry, but many represent the future. WWE can pave the road with these dazzling teams, men and women who are taking the art of tag team wrestling to new heights.     

    This well-discussed topic isn't going to go away anytime soon, regardless of how unlikely it is for WWE to move in this direction. Fans will hunger for a return to tag team glory until it arrives. 

    You'll notice that the Motor City Machine Guns appear on many of the videos. They often provide the best matches of a team's career. 

    Getting them on board would be smart as well.  

Special Mention: Apollo 55

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    Though not a part of an independent promotion, Apollo 55 has to be mentioned here.  New Japan's stars would help take the WWE tag team division to an all-time high. 

    While some of Japan's most exciting tag teams could struggle to connect with WWE fans due to the language barrier, Apollo 55 has the advantage of having an English speaker aboard.

    Prince Devitt is a dynamic Irish wrestler, one part William Regal, one part Ultimo Dragon.  He could easily play a handsome underdog alongside his equally impressive partner, Ryusuke Taguchi.

    Taguchi is a talented grappler with springs in his legs.  Alone in the WWE, his career may go the direction of other Japanese stars like TAKA Michinoku and Tajiri.

    Devitt and Taguchi's chemistry together is fantastic.  They could set the bar high for WWE teams, churning out stunning matches, stirring the crowd into a frenzy.    

    Check out some highlights of Apollo 55 vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

American Wolves

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    The American Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, are a team on the rise.

    They've won tag team titles with Squared Circle Wrestling and Ring of Honor as well as earning Tag Team of the Year in 2009 from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    Both Edwards and Richards are technically proficient mat workers with enough high-flying moves to more than entertain a WWE crowd. Their double-team move, Day of the Wolves, should gain them some fans right away.

    Richards may remind some fans of Dynamite Kid with his stout build and wizardry in the ring. 

    Neither Richards or Edwards are anything special on interviews, but their ring work should get them over regardless.  Both are potential megastars and WWE would be wise to scoop them up.     

    As sometimes rivals, there is also the potential for the inevitable break-up storyline.

    Watch the American Wolves battle The Motor City Machine Guns

The Canadian Ninjas

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    The tag teams in the current Divas division are usually two individuals with little to do with each other, thrown together at the last minute. While there are no women's tag titles, bringing in The Canadian Ninjas offers WWE tons more options in terms of feuds with their female wrestlers. 

    Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez are energetic and fun to watch. 

    They play endearing bad girls.  And while they are pretty enough to get into Vince McMahon's club of models, their appeal is far more about showmanship. 

    The current Shimmer tag team champs make ideal rivals for most of the current divas: crass, mean, vicious.  Signing The Canadian Ninjas would be a departure from WWE's norm, but one that would be beneficial right away. 

    Both male and female members of the WWE Universe should enjoy their butt-kicking ways. 

    Watch The Ninjas do their thing.

Dark City Fight Club

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    Jon Davis and Kory Chavis are pair of hard-nosed brawlers known as the Dark City Fight Club. 

    As a team, they've won titles with Full Impact Pro, the NWA and Pro Wrestling Fusion.  Their look, their attitude and their power have begun to catch the wrestling's world attention. 

    Both Davis and Chavis are solidly built larger guys who would provide a great contrast with the Primos and Tyson Kidds of the world. Of the teams on this list, the DCFC need the most polish in terms of their ring work, but their take-no-prisoners style is already compelling. 

    They are already solid on promos, but like most younger wrestlers, they could use some veteran guidance. 

    Davis may remind some folks of Bad News Brown because of his similar ring wear, shaved head and dark, thick beard.  Davis, though, has a higher ceiling than Bad News. 

    His mix of athleticism and power should have Vince McMahon licking his lips.

    Together, DCFC have a sinister aura and could easily be the next tag team intimidators of the WWE.

    Watch Dark City Fight Club take on The Network.  

Speed Muscle

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    The speed portion of their name is far more apparent than the muscle. Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino dart around the ring at speeds that seem inhuman. 

    Like what The Rock and Roll Express were for their generation and The Rockers were after that, Speed Muscle can serve as infusion of energy for the tag division.

    Their workrate is unbelievable, cramming move after move into their matches.

    Doi and Yoshino are both small guys, not far from Rey Mysterio's size. While working for Dragon Gate, Ring of Honor or briefly for TNA, their stature didn't derail their ability to entertain.

    WWE is historically more interested in larger wrestlers, but the current tag division is brimming with smaller, athletic guys who would have perfect opponents for Speed Muscle. 

    If WWE wants to increase their Hispanic fanbase, then moving to a faster Lucha Libre-like style doesn't hurt. 

    There is of course the challenge of putting a Japanese wrestler over with a largely English-speaking audience.  A manager solves that issue instantly. 

    Watch Speed Muscle vs. Motor City Machine Guns during their brief stint with TNA.

The Young Bucks

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    In a division that is quickly looking like the WWE's answer to a lack of a cruiserweight division, The Young Bucks would be a welcome addition. 

    Matt and Nick Jackson have worked for Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Ring of Honor as well as a brief stint with TNA as Generation Me. 

    These fast paced, high flyers have mastered the art of double teaming including the stunning More Bang for Your Buck move. The Young Bucks evoke memories of The Hardys with their aerial work and MNM because of their attitude. 

    Still in their 20s, the Jacksons should only continue to get better and more mature. 

    WWE gave them a tryout in August 2011.  A part of why they didn't get a deal could be their backstage issues with Booker T.  WWE should definitely give them a second chance.    

    The tag division is different now, with teams growing, excitement building.  Bringing in the Bucks would help stack the division with super athletic young talent. 

    Watch The Young Bucks work against Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw. 

Briscoe Brothers

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    Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Jay and Mark Briscoe the best tag team of 2007.  The Briscoe Brothers have worked so long together that their chemistry is near perfect. 

    Both Briscoes are an excellent combination of power, high-flying, attitude and presence. 

    They would instantly bring a fire to the WWE tag division. 

    Were this pre-PG era, there'd be no question about what the Briscoes could do in WWE.  In a lighter, softer version of the company, the Briscoes may find it hard to be themselves.  Their promos are generally not kid-friendly. 

    This promo, for example, is not safe for work, but displays their gritty charisma. 

    See what they can do in this match against Kota Ibushi and Katsuhiko Nakajima.