Madden 13 Player Ratings: Quarterbacks That Users Can Turn into Dual Threats

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2012

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Madden 13 will hit store shelves on Tuesday, August 28, and when gamers take it home for the first time, they may want to think about turning some prototypical quarterbacks in dual-threat playmakers.

Of course, Michael Vick and Cam Newton already present dual threats under center in Madden 13 because of their breakaway speed and unmatched acceleration. But there are a handful of underrated runners who boast the quickness required to develop into a dual threat quarterback. 

Here we take a closer look at a trio of passers who have the potential for gamers to turn into dual threats in this year's video game. 


Andrew Luck

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft gets an 84 overall rating in Madden 13. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's 92 rating for throwing power gives him a bigger arm than Drew Brees in this year's edition. What's most surprising about Luck's rating in Madden 13, though, is his speed, which is rated 82. 

Technically, Luck is faster than both Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers in this year's video game, which means the user would be foolish not to turn the former Heisman Trophy hopeful into a dual threat. Considering that the Colts' offensive line isn't one of the league's best, users may not have a choice in turning Luck into a part-time runner. 


Alex Smith

Once upon a time, Alex Smith was a running quarterback for Urban Meyer at Utah, but he has since taken a pocket-passer role with Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco with the 49ers. Still, in Madden 13, 'Niners fans will find themselves tempted to escape the pocket with Smith, who boasts a 78 speed rating in this year's game. 

Although Smith has a solid arm in Madden 13, with a throwing power rating of 87, his accuracy rating of 83 will likely turn off fans of scrambling, who will likely opt to roll Smith out and take the ball upfield with him as a rusher. After all, how can anyone forget Smith's 28-yard TD run against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Playoffs last winter?


Christian Ponder

Considering that Christian Ponder is a second-year quarterback and a young athlete, his speed rating of 75 in Madden 13 makes a lot of sense. Ponder carried the ball 28 times last season in real life for an average of 7.8 yards per carry. In the Madden world, Ponder would have received endless carries running the ball at that rate. 

With not many other offensive weapons on the Minnesota Vikings' roster outside of Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson, users would be better suited to involve Ponder as a runner and to get him on the move with plenty of bootlegs and roll-outs. Those sort of plays would make Ponder's 81-rated throwing accuracy less relevant as the receivers will likely have more separation. 


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