Madden 13 Release: Rounding Up Reviews for Popular NFL Video Game

Alex KayCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2012

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Madden NFL 13 drops on Tuesday, August 28, and looks to be one of the best games in the series on the current generation of consoles.

It seems EA Sports and Tiburon (the publisher and developer, respectively), have finally figured out what gamers want and how to satisfy them.

Don’t take my word for it though; let’s take a look at some of the many reviews across the web and what people are saying about the latest game.

Greg Miller – IGN – 9/10

“Madden NFL 13 does something the Madden franchise hasn't done in years: it makes me want to keep playing. Yes, the commentators will repeat themselves and funky animations are going to pop up, but the game as a whole is so good. The TV presentation, the refined gameplay, the more lifelike physics -- it all adds up to Madden NFL 13 being something truly special.” 

In Miller’s review, he points out a number of instances where the game is just simply better than it has been before.

He loves the depth that Connected Career provides and continually mentions how important and well done the new experience gain system is.

Miller also points out how the physics engine, brand new in 2012, makes a bigger difference on little plays rather than big ones—as no two will be the same. 

Mike Suszek – Joystiq – 4/5 Stars

“The common theme of annual sports game entries is usually "better than last year." With all of its issues, Madden NFL 12 was still better than Madden NFL 11. In reality, most of the time, the best a new sports game can do is make players hopeful for the future of the series. Madden 12's "balance of improvement and ongoing flaws," according to our review, wasn't a great foundation for building hope.
Madden NFL 13 has that foundation. And while it's not a perfect game, it has – to borrow a term often used in fantasy football – the upside of being close.” 

Suszek wasn’t as high on Madden this year as Miller, but he still loved the game and notes that it is a major step up from Madden 12 in every way.

He loves the Infinity Engine (this seems to be the best improvement in the 2013 version of the game) and Phil Simms and Jim Nantz as broadcasters over Cris Collinsworth and Gus Johnson.

If the play keeps improving based off this years version, Suszek will certainly give the game five stars in 2014.

Brian Mazique – Bleacher Report – 9/10

The best way for me to express my thoughts on Madden 13 is to keep it simple.

I really like this game a lot.

It isn't perfect, but it has so many awesome concepts from a gameplay, options and presentation standpoint, that it's hard not be impressed.”

Mazique clearly spent a lot of time going over each and every aspect of the game and came away satisfied.

There’s plenty to like about Madden NFL 13, which means you shouldn’t waste any time picking it up Tuesday.