WWE News: Update on Tough Enough; New Season in the Works?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 27, 2012

photo from ign.com
photo from ign.com

Over at his official Twitter account, Tough Enough trainer Bill De Mott has given a tantalizing update on the future of the reality show, saying there are plans for a brand new season.

Asked by one follower if there would be a new season, the veteran replied: "I actually herd some buzz about getting up and running!RT"

A revamped Tough Enough returned last year, airing on the USA Network right before Raw and featuring Steve Austin and Trish Stratus as coaches to a crop of wannabe WWE wrestlers.

The show, while generally well received by fans and critics, did not do spectacularly well in the ratings, especially when compared with highly watched Raw, and no second season to air on USA was  announced this year.

It will be interesting to see where the show ends up airing.

The USA Network may be an option, but with Raw already going an extra hour, it remains to be seen if they can find a slot for it. The channel also didn't appear to be clamoring to air another season, so it's dubious if they're even interested in showing it. Syfy, which airs SmackDown, is a definite possibility, though, who knows if they would even want to air more wrestling?

The new season of Tough Enough could potentially show up on the WWE Network (assuming it ever launches). It could even end up as a YouTube-only show, if they get really desperate.

Of course, another season may have problems, aside from finding a new broadcast home. Mainly that, for a show dedicated to finding the next big stars, they sure didn't do a very good job last year.

In hindsight, Tough Enough looks less impressive when we consider what happened to most of the contestants: eventual winner Andy Levine was sent to FCW, then later released from his contract after officials grew frustrated with his lack of improvement.

Runners-up Luke Robinson and Jeremiah Riggs impressed people during their stint on the program with their skills and charisma, but they were ultimately not offered contracts. Female wrestler Ivelesse Veles was under contract but later announced her release. Christina Crawford (real-life sister of Diva Alicia Fox) was recently released, too. The rest of the cast have disappeared under the radar, for the most part. 

So, who did actually last? Er, Ariane Andrew (currently Cameron in The Funkadactyls). You know, the contestant who became a laughing stock after she told a stunned Austin her favorite match of all time was Melina vs. Alicia Fox and couldn't name any other bouts she liked (she was eliminated soon after).