Ohio State Football 2012: Breaking Down Buckeyes' Week 1 Depth Chart

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterAugust 27, 2012

Ryan Shazier leads a talented group of young linebackers.
Ryan Shazier leads a talented group of young linebackers.Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE

The first games of the season may not start until Thursday, but make no mistake: Week 1 of college football has begun. 

With each week comes each team's depth chart, and with that Ohio State has released its official two-deeps (.PDF warning) for its Week 1 game against Miami of Ohio. Let's take a look at some of the notable updates.


Adolphus Washington got enormous

Remember a few months ago when Adolphus Washington was, according to Rivals, a 230-pound weakside defensive end? Those were the days. Washington has since moved to defensive tackle behind Johnathan Hankins, according to the depth chart, and that move starts to make sense once you see that Washington is now listed at 289 pounds.

How on earth did Washington get that much bigger so quickly? Is he stashing gold bricks in his chest cavity? Did he grow a couple more arms? Is Adolphus Washington the first four-armed defensive tackle? WE WANT ANSWERS.


The youth movement has begun

There are 49 players on the two-deeps at this point (not including the special teams, because nobody cares about special teams, not even the punter) (we kid, we kid, special teams are very important and so are all of you), and a full 14 of them are freshmen.

Now, only one of them is a starter, and even that's a "sort of" situation; freshman Nick Vannett is listed as a co-starter with fellow TE Jeff Heuerman, a sophomore. Urban Meyer said at his press conference that that many freshmen on the 2-deeps is "normal at big schools," per Eleven Warriors, but usually those freshmen don't assert themselves before Week 1, so this is a positive sign.


Get used to seeing these linebackers

Quick, name all the upperclassmen in Ohio State's depth chart at linebacker. If you said Etienne Sabino, congratulations! That's all of them. True sophomores Ryan Shazier and Curtis Grant are manning the other two starting roles, while freshmen Camren Williams, Joshua Perry, Connor Crowell and David Perkins are the primary backups (Perkins is listed as a third-string OLB).

Experience is critically important at a position like linebacker, which requires a deep knowledge of opposing tendencies, so while we might see some struggles there this year, expect the unit to mature into the Big Ten's best and deepest very soon.