Brock Lesnar's MMA Ring Style Has Saved His WWE Run

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 27, 2012

Dec. 30, 2011; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Brock Lesnar during a heavyweight bout at UFC 141 at the MGM Grand Garden event center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

While many fans in the WWE Universe have claimed that Brock Lesnar’s MMA ring style doesn’t fit in with professional wrestling, his unique experience and mannerisms have saved his return and set up for a legendary WrestleMania match.

Only the biggest and strongest can fight Lesnar with his current style, and that would mean The Dead Man himself: The Undertaker.

With the WWE likely bringing Lesnar back to fight Undertaker (according to Jeremy Thomas of via Wrestling Observer Newsletter), they have built his character perfectly to be super strong, but not impervious to defeat.

That even explains the loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules.

Just as in the scenario between The Rock and Cena leading up to last year’s WrestleMania, the company had limited dates with the superstar and had to make it work with what they had.

In the case of Brock Lesnar, the match with John Cena and the feud with Triple H are really just icing on the cake. This is all about ‘Mania.

Lesnar was brought back to give the fans a convincing matchup for Undertaker. With a 20-0 WrestleMania winning streak, only a brute force like Lesnar could convince the WWE Universe that he has the strength and skill to beat the Dead Man.

WWE knew exactly what it was doing the entire time.

There is no question that his style is unconventional, but to say that it is not enjoyable to watch is flat-out wrong. Every time Lesnar hits the ring, he destroys whatever is in his way in a brutal hardcore fashion.

For these Attitude-Era enthusiasts that complain all the time, this MMA style should satisfy every fiber of your brutality-seeking minds. For those that can sit back and just enjoy what is on the television, Lesnar brings something new and unique to a sport that is all about innovation.

Fans may forget that Lesnar wrestled in the WWE before and was never the greatest technical star. He had an immense amount of college wrestling experience, but he never was the best WWE-style wrestler.

Instead of marching him out there as a guy he isn't, the WWE allowed the former UFC World Heavyweight Champion to be the bruiser the world thought of him as when he showed up on the Raw following WrestleMania 28.

From a character standpoint, the fans care much more about MMA Lesnar in WWE than they would have if WWE just brought him back with no mention of his UFC background.

The WWE has found a unique character with a huge mainstream fanbase that can bring the casual  wrestling fans that love MMA over to WWE. With a style all his own, Brock has carved out a nice niche for himself and it is working in and out of the ring.

With a culminating match against the Undertaker—who knows quite a few MMA tricks and uses them in matches as well—Lesnar’s return will be heralded a success when looking back on it.

The WWE Universe needs to appreciate the greatness they are witnessing.


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