Should There Be ANOTHER B/R Tournament???

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

So I have seen that there were some tournaments that people were there was suppose to be a BRB -vs- Assassins, but then it didn't happen.

Then I saw B/R Shane make a tournament, he choose some B/R writers such as myself, Joe Burgett, Ron Johnson, AkD, Shane (himself), Mina, Ross, and many more. The tournament was really exciting and people liked it.

(This is how it was when I wrote this article) In Shane's tournament, we are down to two B/R writers! Ross -vs- Mina. I want Mina to win because Ross eliminated me (not that I hate him or anything). Besides, Mina is older than Ross, smarter, and I like her articles.

When I looked at the poll on the article, Mina was winning by a lot of points so I think she will win the tournament!

So all of this got me thinking. Should I also make a tournament? It looks fun, exciting, and it is not boring! I know it is not about sport, it is about the writers!

I think that people would like to see who is better than who in B/R.

 What do you think??? Should there be another tournament???