How "The Bernie" Will Propel Athletics into Postseason Play

Brian L. Evans@BaySportsBlogContributor IIAugust 27, 2012

Brandon Inge and Coco Crisp celebrate with The Bernie. Photo Courtesy:
Brandon Inge and Coco Crisp celebrate with The Bernie. Photo Courtesy:

The Oakland Athletics have been among American League postseason conversations since their breakout 19-5 July that caught the attention of baseball critics everywhere—not to mention stimulating the whipped cream industry in the East Bay Area by coining the temporary slogan, "Come for the game, stay for the pie."

A's fever started to spread following the four-game sweep of the highly-favored New York Yankees in mid-July, putting an exclamation point on their surprising midsummer upheaval that catapulted them into American League wild-card contention.

Some called it a fluke. Others called it luck.

The A's called it "The Bernie."

Originating from the film Weekend At Bernie's, the unorthodox celebration came in the form of the not-so-rhythmic dance that started with Brandon Inge, but swept throughout the Oakland clubhouse like wildfire.

It was right around the installment of The Bernie that Oakland had much to celebrate. They were winning games, and they were winning them often. The two went hand-in-hand.

The celebration represents much more than a trendy dance to the Athletics. The Bernie is a loose-flowing movement that was introduced to the Oakland clubhouse as a unifying adhesive that brought a struggling group together—even when language barriers are present. 

The A's' ability to prevail through the daunting September schedule will depend on playing the Oakland baseball they have become known for, having fun as a unit and of course, doing The Bernie.