New York Jets: Why Darrelle Revis Is Team's Most Important Veteran

Andrew BurtonCorrespondent IIIAugust 27, 2012

New York Jets: Why Darrelle Revis Is Team's Most Important Veteran

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    Darrelle Revis' name is synonymous with the New York Jets. For years now, Revis has held top-tier receivers in check, forcing opposing teams to look elsewhere for production—because once you're on Revis Island, there's no coming back. 

    Without Revis, New York goes from a top-five defense to not mentioned at all.  

    With that being said, Darrelle Revis is the foundation of this Jets defense, and that's why he's the most important veteran in Gang Green's locker room. 

Voices Opinion

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    Darrelle Revis is a respected athlete in all of the NFL, especially among New York's organization. He's not afraid to tell the media how it is, and he gives his opinion whether or not it's agreeable or what the media considers favorable. 

    For example, when Gang Green acquired Tim Tebow, Darrelle Revis came out to the media and publicly backed Mark Sanchez as the Jets' starting QB, as seen in the New York Daily News article written by Gary Myers.

    “I feel very comfortable and confident with Mark,” Revis told the Daily News. “This is his fourth year. I've been with him since he was a rookie. The guy took us to two AFC Championship Games.”

    This kind of support stabilizes a locker room that's home to Santonio Holmes' ego.

    You need teammates like Revis to make you go out on the field and play that much harder—making him an extremely valuable asset to this team.  

Fan Favorite

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    Revis is an amazingly talented athlete, and because of that, he's become popular in New York with the fans.

    His jersey is popular among those in the crowd, and his name could be heard from outside of MetLife Stadium when they chant for the best cornerback in the game. 

    Darrelle brings excitement to New York, and watching him is like watching your favorite movie—you can predict what's coming, but you're still eager to carry on. 

    Revis is the face of New York defense—in fact, the two are synonymous.

Revis Island

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    Darrelle Revis is the best defensive player in the NFL, and he has done this in only five seasons. He's recognized as a shutdown corner, and although lots of cornerbacks suggest they too are the best, Revis truly is. 

    In the 2011 season, Revis only allowed "41.2 percent of all targets to be completed and recorded 20 total pass breakups" (h/t James Reagan of B/R). Looking deeper into the stats, the cornerback only allowed one touchdown the whole season—a pretty big accomplishment. 

    You would think quarterbacks would learn from previous seasons not to throw toward Revis Island. Unfortunately, they didn't learn, and Revis had four interceptions, including a 100-yard return—the longest intercepted touchdown in Jets history. 

    Welcome to Revis Island!

Veteran Leader

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    While Rex Ryan "vowed" to do away with naming captains, it's clear that Darrelle Revis runs the show on the defensive side of the ball. 

    Well, it's obvious that Revis is the best defensive player on the Jets team, making it even that more obvious that he's the "captain"—with or without the C on his jersey. 

    Overall, Revis complements Rex Ryan's defense-first mentality perfectly—making him the most important veteran of Gang Green.

He's Approaching His Prime

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    No. 24 is only 27 years of age. 

    Yes, Darrelle Revis is great, but we haven't seen anything yet, and this might be his best season.

    He's in amazing shape and is still bettering himself as a player, and as a Jets fan, you can't help but smile when Revis makes a stop.

    Since his rookie year in 2007, Revis has improved season after season—going from three interceptions and 20 yards to four interceptions for 184 yards this past season—making him the best cornerback in the league.

    This not only makes him valuable to the team, but it makes him the most important veteran currently in a Jets uniform. 

Plays Smart

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    What makes Revis such an important veteran on this Jets team is that he puts in 10 times the amount of work as your normal player. The cornerback will take in criticisms and use that to his advantage. He'll go watch hours of film to see what he can do differently and how he can shut opposing receivers down.

    In a Yahoo! Sports article from January 13, Charles Robinson talks about just what Revis does.

    The New York Jets cornerback watches the end-zone angle capturing all 22 players. Three-by-one formations, two-by-two coverages, personnel packages, down-and-distance breakdowns, field position and splits. His eyes will scan it, back and forth, from quarterback to wideout and back again. What receivers do they like to use on certain sets? What does each wideout like to do on first, second and third down?

    This is what makes Revis so good at what he does; he goes above and beyond what is required at his own will. It betters the best cornerback in the game, while also bettering those around him—that makes him a valuable veteran to this team.