WWE: Should Brock Lesnar Return with Sable?

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2012

photo from terezowens.com
photo from terezowens.com

It seems obvious.

She’s one of the most popular woman wrestlers of all time.

She was a highlight of the Attitude era.

She’s also married to Brock Lesnar in real life.

It seems like an on-air pairing between Sable and Brock Lesnar would be a great idea.

Well… it depends.

If the WWE wants to bring back Sable, they should ask themselves why they would want to bring her back. Even though the company has three hours of Raw on every week, they still need to use that time wisely.

Sable would most likely never wrestle again. There's surely no diva that she would put over. She would be there solely for Brock Lesnar.

But does Brock need Sable with him on TV?

First off, Brock isn’t known for his promo abilities, which is why Paul Heyman does the talking for him. So far, Heyman has done a wonderful job of being his mouthpiece.

If WWE brought in Sable, (who was capable of cutting a decent heel promo) she would most likely be relegated to the background.


Still, she could add something to the overall aura of Brock. He’s a bully, a millionaire and has a hot wife. What’s not to hate?

Sable hasn’t been in the public eye lately. She came with Brock to a couple of his UFC fights, most notably entering the ring after one of his victories where he kissed her pregnant belly.

Also working against her coming back is that Sable has had a rocky past with the WWE, to say the least. Not many can get away with trying to sue the WWE for $110 million and still make a return. Somehow, she did return for a short while.

That was a few years ago though. We haven’t seen Sable since 2004.

She’s now 45 years old.

When Paul Heyman first returned, his pop from the crowd was pretty lackluster. He may be a hero to many fans who are in their 20s or older, but the younger crowd has no idea who he was.

Additionally, Heyman had been on WWE TV as late as 2006. For Sable it's been a couple years longer.

She's been out of the spotlight longer than Trish and Lita. It isn't hard to believe that with the WWE catering to the youth these days, that many of their fans now have never even heard of her.

Unlike some of the other legends, she isn't celebrated and shown in old video packages. She doesn't pop up from time to time in the company.

It could be an uphill battle from the start.

The most terrifying thought of a Sable return would be her teaming up with Brock in a match to fight HHH and Stephanie. As ridiculous as that may sound, don’t ever count something like that out.

If Sable were ever to wrestle again, that would be the match it would be.

The McMahons and Hunter love the spotlight. Steph has taken time away from TV to focus on raising her kids, but she’s still in good shape. She’s also a former Women’s Champion, and maybe wouldn’t mind one last high-profile match.

Brock has a limited number of dates. He’s already fought two guys who have peaked in their popularity. Teaming up with Sable (even if she could be talked into it) would benefit no one in the long term. It would be another wasted opportunity to create a new star.

If the WWE moved away from the HHH story, the thought of a Brock/Heyman/Sable group could be interesting.

She could do a great job of antagonizing a younger wrestler, maybe even flirting with him only to have Brock destroy him.

Would all of this be worth it though? Brock is earning a huge paycheck for appearing in the WWE. Sable likely wouldn't come cheap either. Would her presence on TV lead to higher ratings? Would she increase pay-per-view buys?

In and of herself I would say no, but under the right circumstances and the right storyline she could potentially help Brock's drawing power.

At this point, if she hasn't returned already, its unlikely that she'll be brought back.

It would be fun to see her again as a one-off, but the WWE would be wise to focus on Brock as much as they can. He's the one who could make a star out of a younger wrestler.

Still, under the right circumstances, a Sable return to WWE could help add another spark to Brock's act. Just don't count on it happening.