College Football Recruiting: Rivals 100 WR Alvin Bailey Favors UCF in Top Three

Nicholas StanleyContributor IIAugust 28, 2012

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Seffner, FL - Armwood High WR Alvin Bailey narrowed the list of schools he is considering from five to three in a recent Twitter post.  As he closes in on a decision, the two schools excluded were Florida State and Georgia.

The final three are Florida, Notre Dame, and UCF.

Bailey grew up a Gator fan and said, "I'll probably be a Gator one day!" with a grin during a recent interview with Bright House Sports Network.

When asked about his top three options, the charismatic receiver then said, "UCF... I love the coaches, facilities, great campus lifestyle, and they're coming up you know, fixin' to move to the Big East."

"Notre Dame, I love 'em, family oriented everywhere, the coaches love you." With a shrug he said, "I can picture myself playing for Notre Dame one day."

BHSN's Ryan Bass then prompted Bailey to give the nation an idea of the front-runner for him right now. Bailey said, "I'd say UCF is probably the leader right now."

The Knights would love to have him as well. Bailey would be the highest-ranking recruit to commit to UCF in the school's history. He would begin the legacy of exceptional athletes that usher the Knights to the next level. There is little doubt he would become the face of the Knights.

Sean Callahan, Bailey's head coach at Armwood, is the father of UCF Defensive Backs Coach Kirk Callahan, who has recruited Bailey since he was hired at UCF this spring.

While there are many reasons UCF's coaches, faculty, alumni, and fans want to see Alvin playing for the Knights on Saturdays, what reason would he have for choosing to attend UCF?

UCF does not have the tradition of schools that have existed since our great-grandfathers went to college, but they make up for it in many other ways.

UCF's campus is a tropical paradise in the vacation capital of the world. That sounds better than winter in South Bend or the boggy swamps of Gainesville. Located just east of the world's most visited attractions, UCF has grown into the second-largest university in the country in just 50 years.

UCF has state-of-the-art facilities, including the only indoor practice field in the state of Florida.

Most importantly, the university currently houses twelve colleges that offer 92 baccalaureate programs, 85 master's programs, 30 doctoral programs, three specialist programs, and one professional program (medicine). In addition, 73 percent of the faculty have doctorates, and 45 percent currently have tenure at the university.

Colleges at UCF include: The Burnett Honors College, College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Graduate Studies, College of Health and Public Affairs, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Optics and Photonics, College of Sciences, and Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

UCF was good enough for NASA and Michael Jordan's sons, but will it be the one Alvin Bailey picks by the September 1st timeline he gave his coach?